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CX 2020: Soothsayer who saw the future?

Guest post by
Saurabh Vasant Muley, Group Project Manager, Infosys


With availability of multiple channels for interactions, increasing influence of social media & ability to be connected on the move, customer's expectations from brands/enterprises have increased many-fold. Since interaction with a brand can happen thorough various channels, user journeys have become more complex & less predictable. This is an excellent opportunity for enterprises to leverage this situation to their advantage.

All leading enterprises are either in process of formulating customer Experience (CX) strategy or have already embarked on the journey of CX adoption in some form or other. Let us visualize how the CX paradigm will span out over a period on some key dimensions.

Adoption of CX:
Enterprises will go through levels of CX adoption wherein with each level the CX coverage, maturity of processes will increase. The timeline for adoption for each level will vary for each enterprise but all will progress through the maturity levels.

Products and Technology for Enablement for CX:
Products, services & technology solutions, which provide enablement of CX processes, will get more evolved over the period. We can expect move towards niche products offering specific functionalities, preference for "Off the shelf" product/services, shift towards "Cloud" based zero foot print solution. Solution implementations will become technology agnostic and have short time to market: measured in weeks compared to months as seen currently.

Measuring Customer Experience:
We can expect major shift from current scenario of having subjective definitions to establishment of quantitative, industry specific, metrics for measuring CX. Such metrics will be comprehensive, covering CX from the perspective of both enterprise & customers. In the long term, one can expect industry benchmarks to be established for performance on such measures and enterprises will be compared on these metrics.

CX - Extent of influence on the Enterprise:
CX, over short term will help enterprises focus from "inside out" view to an "outside in" view of customer. As the journey continues, in long term, CX will not be limited to sales and marketing & customer service areas but will have strong influence on core operational/engineering aspects of an enterprise:  product engineering, order management, supply chain, order fulfillment etc.

CX will propel itself from a key element of corporate roadmap towards CX being a central theme of corporate road map. As enterprises start seeing the benefits CX adoption, CX will be seen commanding much higher mind share of the corner offices.

It will be race between "increasing Customer expectations" & enterprises trying to be "ahead of the curve to be competitive". As we approach 2020, enterprises having agility and maturity on CX be ahead in this race!


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