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First Financial Period Closure Post Go-Live for a large transformation ERP Program (Part-2)

Guest post by
Hemantkumar Nathu Lothe, Senior Consultant, Infosys


In the last blog, we have seen two important points to be considered for successful first period closure which are-

1. Period End Closure Mock
2. Period Closure with User Entered Data in UAT

In this blog, we'll take a look at other three recommendations.

3. User Training and Acceptance-

The change management team from business plays a vital role in communicating changes happening to the business and process. The knowledge gets passed through to SME/Super Users to Key Users and from Key Users to End Users. These end users are like arteries and veins in the business. Successful training and in turn the acceptance from this community plays vital role in the success of period closure.

If end users are well aware of what are all things needs to be performed and are having the sufficient hands-on the system, will give them a confidence to perform their regular day work. They will not be required to run after the business process owners for clarifications of doubts, thereby reducing the time taken to perform their job which eventually leads to lesser time taken for executing the period closure steps.

4. SME/Super User Involvement-

Change is generally not welcomed and hence the acceptance of the new system from these business stewards is very important. SME or the super users are backbone of any transformation program. There is need to have a dedicated super user for the period closure activity who will co-ordinate with different business functions/tracks to perform their respective steps in the period closure. The bottom line should reside with this super user. As being involved in the implementation, he understands the solution devised as well as the business process. Having known the capabilities, tweaks and tricks, workarounds in the application and business process, the SME can play very important role to assist the end users perform their steps for period closure.

5. Support Methodology-

Generally every business tries to close the period by D+4/5 days and lots of adjustments and data entry is being done to the system during this period. A proper mechanism is required for the responsibility of entering these adjustments and processing these adjustments in system which calls for defining the support methodology. It would also help to place a mechanism in place to identify and clear the exceptions on daily basis so that it would not become a burden during the period close week.

Business can take call, given the nature of business, to give access to implementation consultants and/or SMEs for real system to carry out these activities. Lack of the understanding to end users for this mechanism may result in unwarranted delay in doing and processing the adjustments and corrections which may result in delay in period closure.

Among all other factors, the due consideration to above points will lead to 'Successful' first period closure.


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