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Gamification in Human Capital Management

Guest post by
Arathi Devi H., Project Manager, Infosys


Gamification may not be a word recognized in all dictionaries, but is already a major technology trend currently. Use of game play to engage an individual, has not been unknown to mankind. Right from childhood lessons to group engagement activities, games have always made the mundane chores more enjoyable experiences.

It was only natural, that these concepts were extended to marketing and further to business operations. But, can Gamification be applied to HCM? HCM systems play a vital role in measuring the overall health of organizations. Data integrity and user adoption are very important for any HCM system to perform to its fullest potential, and many organizations struggle at this very point.  At times, users may find systems too tedious and counterproductive. This puts the system integrity in jeopardy.  Gamification of areas that require mass participation can help this address this challenge and improve employee-engagement.

Let's explore few examples -

Learning Management System provides a competent platform for organizations to develop their workforce as well as establish compliance. Gamification of learning systems can entice users to make effective use of available resources. Methods like leaderboards, score-cards, badges and expert levels can be leveraged to encourage a competitive spirit with innate motivation to achieve more. Gaming aspects along with collaboration could also be used to encourage knowledge sharing. Success of education site, Khan Academy, is an excellent example about how online learning with game principles, along with social media collaboration are effective in keeping students engaged and making education a fun activity.

Talent Acquisition or Recruiting System employs an extensive variety of manual and automated methods to cherry pick the right candidate for a job. Game-based technologies can be used here to make the entire process & experience better to not only attract good talent but also help in measuring their aptitude and capabilities. More elaborate techniques like simulation, virtual reality, augmented reality or even scenario based role play can be applied here. Scenarios can be modeled around job complexity and applicant response can be used to gauge their ability. This can streamline the screening process and save a lot of manual effort, as demonstrated in apps like My Marriott Hotel and Quest for Oil.

Performance Management System is closely tied to employee-engagement. A successful performance measurement cycle requires mass participation in a timely manner. Gaming technologies like profile consolidation can be considered at this point. User achievements in other applications could be carried over to their performance review. For example, the badges and scoreboard achievements in learning systems can be used to provide brownie points in performance. Gaming methods that appeal to the competitive spirit, like progress bar and ranking based on completion timeframe, can also be used to encourage timely and accurate data collection.

Industry observers recognize that Gamification is positioned to become a highly significant trend over the next five years. HCM solutions with game-based capabilities can not only improve engagement but could also drive motivation and change employee behavior.


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