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Oracle Fusion Sourcing & Spend Analytics: A solution to your sourcing issues

Guest post by
Sucheta Devaraj, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys


Procurement activities today have a very significant role to play in any business. The objectives of a business have gone much beyond the traditional belief that procurement's principal role is just to procure goods and services to meet the organization's requirements. These activities impact the expenses incurred by an organization and thus impact the bottom line as well.

Very often an organization's divisions, branches, marketing teams and manufacturing divisions are fragmented, and dispersed across the world  and they work on  different ERP systems because of which the procurement process end up using disparate amount of resources and  time. The overheads involved in interacting with suppliers have increased exorbitantly, and even the negotiation time has increased significantly reducing the benefits from the sourcing strategies.  Due to the voluminous data available in the enterprise systems it becomes increasingly difficult for the management of a company to take suitable and informed strategic decisions at the right time.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Sourcing and spend analytics modules help an organization to tackle procurement related issues by decreasing lead  time of procurement activities, it helps in eliminating any low value added controls, unnecessary  paperwork and delays. Some of the key features of Fusion sourcing and spend analytics modules which helps in Procurement process optimization are:

  • Insight into procure to pay (P2P) process - Oracle Procurement & spend analytics helps in integration of data across supply chain, enabling the management and employees to make more informed and actionable decisions. It provides a good insight about the business spend and the whole P2P cycle, with widespread analysis of the supplier performances, supplier payable trends and overall performance of the procurement activities
  • Analytics to facilitate decision-making - Spend analyzer provides statistics about the expenditure patterns for both indirect and direct overheads and information about potential saving prospects. Supplier performance analytics provides data about supplier performances, delivery performance, quality of goods services received, payment activities and payments due / overdue analysis. Procurement Performance Analytics provides data to monitor and augment Procurement effectiveness on an uninterrupted basis to identify bottlenecks and take proactive measures to minimize the impact. Sourcing Analytics provides data to evaluate Negotiations, Supplier responses and the following Award decisions to recognize trends and check if there is an opportunity to save on the expenses.
  • Supports in creating long-term savings - Manual collation of responses received from suppliers can be a tedious task Fusion Sourcing provides award analysis tools that allows users to determine the best award decision for business, based on elements such as quality, value and price.

Oracle Fusion Apps thus helps businesses to leverage on the available technology to optimize the procurement process by helping to regulate material and component cost and manage them in an efficient way.


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