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Sick and tired of allocating quotas? Switch to Oracle Fusion CRM Quota Management

Guest post by
Vidyullatha Prakash, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys


Over the years, managing sales quotas across the sales organization has been an excessively resource and time consuming endeavor. Across industry verticals, sales managers had come to loathe "that time of the year" when their job was to set sales quotas and territories. This cumbersome process required sales executives to coordinate infinite reports and spreadsheets, often leading to delays and humongous errors. Furthermore, since it was an annual exercise, no updates were done when team changes or re-organizations happened or when there were any additions/deletions to the sales teams. Oracle Fusion Quota Management comes across as a breather to sales managers since it provides a number of capabilities that drastically reduce the time and effort required to perform the sales planning process. They can also leverage deep territory insights and related analytics to automate the calculation and reconciliation of bottom-up quotas based on the predicted market potential or historical performance of the territory. They can benefit from the rich set of embedded analytics by automating the distribution of assigned quotas to salespersons using pre-defined or custom distribution formulas. It also makes life easier for Incentive Compensation Analysts by keeping them informed of any changes being done to Quota allocations. Thus, the Quota management module in Fusion CRM aids to resolve numerous key business challenges like Complex Quota Allocation, Inaccurate Tracking, Unclear Results, Limited Forecasting and Long Sales Planning Cycle.

Fusion Quota Management also offers a unique feature in that it provides for the integration of territory proposals with sales quota plans. This allows territory administrators to kick off quota planning along with territory alignment, which immensely reduces the length of the sales planning cycle as quota planning happens in parallel with territory re-alignment. The seamless integration between Fusion Quota Management, Territory management and Incentive Compensation modules provides unparalleled force and flexibility to drive the Sales Planning process, ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities with achievable targets, thus greatly maximizing revenue potential.  Sales executives can immediately begin allocating quota based on their proposed territory structure.

Quota management synchronizes changes made to territories with proposals in the following two phases:

Proposal activation (Mid Year Planning- Not Many changes)

  • On activation, the changes made to territories within the proposals are copied to the active territory hierarchy. Quota management will synchronize changes made to the territory within a proposal (regardless of whether the proposals are associated to sales quota plan or not) with the sales quota plans. The changes are synchronized to all sales quota plans that are not in 'Completed' status.

Proposal association with sales quota plan (Fiscal Year Planning- Many changes)

  • Quota management allows territory proposals (I.e. Draft and Pending Activation) to be associated with sales quota plans to help Quota Planning and Territory Planning to happen in Parallel.
  • The territory hierarchy will have all proposal territories superimposed on the production territories.
  • Poll proposal functionality helps to continuously synchronize the changes made to the territories within the proposals and Quota Management.

Thus, Oracle Fusion CRM's Quota Management in coalition with Territory Management optimizes quota allocation with territory alignment and tracks performance to plan.


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Nice article. Explains the relationship between Fusion Territory Management, Quota Management and Incentive Compensation and their linkages.

Great summary of the unique features of Oracle fusion Quota Mgmt , Thanks Vidyullatha!

A good blog with a reason to bring optimization in quota allocation..:)

Taking Quota Management to a whole new level.

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