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Siebel Open UI: Beyond usability experience

Guest post by
Karan Nanda, Senior Consultant, Infosys


The Need:

Siebel Open UI is the UI patch released by Oracle Siebel as part of release. It enhances the way Siebel UI can be customized to give a much better user experience. Beyond these, Siebel Open UI provides numerous productivity improvement benefits. However, where these benefits are not apparent, these need to be highlighted explicitly so that existing customers can realize the potential of Open UI beyond just usability improvement. Open UI provides many features namely browser independence, 3rd party integrations (facebook, twitter, weather & traffic updates), Color coding, 360 degree dashboard with collapsible applets. The decision makers may want to evaluate the ROI of Open UI implementation.

The Approach:

To set the context of ROI calculation, let's take a scenario. Utilizing its JavaScript framework, collapsible applets and eye catching pictorial representation, Open UI provides the ability to create 360 degree dashboard. This view gives users all the required information in a consolidated view based on their responsibilities and data needed on daily basis.

Leveraging Open UI, a 360 degree view can be designed to represent Service Request entity and its child entities (Assets, Orders, Invoices, time, charges etc). This 360 degree view can lead to productivity improvement by providing clear and concise snapshot of data as needed by agents and supervisors by eliminating the need of going to individual views to get required information. This time saving could be derived by doing POC for actual users and comparing the time taken with and without 360 view get complete info on SR entity and child entities.

The Value:

The time saving from 360 degree view provides productivity improvement for all users accessing this view to perform their daily operations.

Illustrative figures:

Productivity Improvement (Time Saved) = 5 minutes/user
No. of users having active access to SR view = 625
Total Productivity Improvement = (5 X 625) = 3125 minutes

Further, using the resource cost, the net dollar saving because of this new view can be shown to customers. Similar POC can be done in synchronization with users to identify usability pain areas and avenues for productivity improvement across the application to arrive at the final ROI.

The Way Forward:

Organizations can implement Open UI in 3 different modes:

 Karan 1.jpgFig: Modes of implementing Open UI

As consultants, we can clearly articulate the business value to customers for not just implementing Open UI as available out of box or with minimal changes rather leverage its virtually unlimited customization capabilities provided by JavaScript framework. The exciting part is not to stop here, rather motivate customers to embrace Open UI with a lot of enthusiasm and implement all these unique features, after all Open UI instills the much needed freshness to Siebel UI.


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