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Siebel Open UI - Steps closer to Enterprise Mobility

Guest post by
Alpesh Narendra Chauhan, Lead Consultant, Infosys


Enterprise Mobility: 

Field work force wants to access CRM applications on their mobile devices, giving them agility and flexibility to access required data anytime and anywhere to respond to customer query quicker. Consumerization of IT is enforcing enterprises to go for mobility solutions. Enterprises are defining mobility strategies to define long term mobility goals. Users are expecting to use same consumer technologies for personal as well as professional work, which is resulting in surge of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) implementation. With emergence of smart devices usage, enterprise mobility is going to gain further momentum.

What is Siebel Open UI?

Oracle's Siebel CRM is a leading CRM application. Siebel application has four layers: data, business logic, User Interface (UI) and physical UI layer.  Siebel configuration is managed through Siebel tools to modify these layers. In traditional Siebel application, UI layer and physical UI layer were tightly coupled and it was challenging to make changes in application UI.  Through Open UI, Siebel has delivered standard based application, which is based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Now, it is easier to change Siebel UI to provide rich and intuitive user interface. Siebel application becomes truly mobile with Open UI as user can access application on any smart devices (iOS, Android based devices) and on all modern browsers.

Enterprise Mobility - Drivers, Challenges and Benefits:  

 Alpesh 1.jpgSiebel Open UI - Make your CRM application mobile:

Siebel Open UI helps enterprises to overcome mobility challenges.  It is easy to upgrade to Open UI from existing Siebel application as Open UI changes the presentation UI layer only, while other layers remains the same. Upgrade to Open UI can be carried out with minimal development effort. Biggest advantage for upgrading to Siebel Open UI for present Siebel clients is to fully leverage their present investments in the Siebel, resulting in lesser total cost of ownership.

Siebel provides robust data and view based access control mechanisms. Open UI doesn't require any third party plug-ins like ActiveX, which reduces attack surface. Plus, Oracle has validated Open UI by leading web application security assessment solutions to ensure the application security.

Open UI will not only make your CRM application mobile but it provides usability features (device driven layouts, infinite scrolls, etc.) which will improve productivity of workforce. Open UI provides rich and Intuitive UI, which will help in user adoption as well.

For existing Siebel Client, moving to Open UI is a smarter choice and we should expect majority of existing Siebel users to upgrade to Open UI to meet their mobility needs.


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