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Cloud Vs On Premise - Where do you go? Part 2

As a continuation to my previous blog Cloud Vs On Premise - Where do you go? Part 1, in the second part we take a closer look at the various advantages being offered by the Cloud and On Premise solutions

Advantages of Cloud
Cloud implementation is ideal for Clients with limited capital assets, variable work force needs or limited IT resources.

Advantages of On-Premise
On-Premise implementation is ideal for Clients who need complete ownership and control over deployment and maintenance of applications.

A more detailed look into the various advantages that are being offered is given below.

On the Cloud
1. Less Overhead
2. Robust and Secure Hosting
3. Easier and less expensive to upgrade
4. Rapid Elasticity
5. Smaller Upfront Investment
6. Faster ROI
7. Quick Deployment

On Premise

1. You control Infrastructure
2. Your IT Shop
3. You maintain everything
4. You can customize on your own
5. You own Software in perpetuity

In the third part of the blog, we will be taking a look into the critical factors the Customer should look for before taking the plunge.

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