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Face of the CRM Apps (Part-1)

Guest post by
Poonam Gujral Nagra, Consultant, Infosys


Surpassing the Cut throat competition and keeping pace with innovative CRM trends all lead to a common point of bonding with the customers like never before by gathering information about the customers visualization for Service Reliability, Usage, Enhancement and Scalability. The next generations CRM Applications will change the way enterprise do business. The organizations are trying to decode the future of the next gen CRM Applications.

We have identified five trends in CRM apps space through which the enterprises can win more customers and effectively manage the relationship with the existing customers.

CRM Applications have broken the glass ceiling between the customer and enterprises, hence enabling them to capture customer thoughts more effectively like who they are, what they believe in and what and how they want. This convergence of trends has forever changed organization's strategies for CRM globally. The world is moving towards CRM Applications which enables organizations to effectively develop and manage the way customers want to be served. It offers a much more customer centric effective and efficient way of conducting business.

Due to this the enterprises are bombarded with a volley of decision questions which are to be taken in order to make the right CRM App for the right customer. Below mentioned are a few key considerations to be clearly identified in order to design the correct fit solution for the customers.

 Samir Samal 1.jpgThe customers are becoming demanding more than ever and with these above decision questions the organizations are having tough times to decide which path to take. Therefore, we have identified few trends which will be engulfing the CRM market space in the coming future.

Trend 1: On Demand

The On Demand applications are extensible and easily customizable because of their service oriented and multitenant architecture in most of the cases. The On Demand CRM Solutions have the capabilities to drive the organizational functions like Sales, Service and Marketing etc. They are enabled to manage the cross channel experience which enterprises offer to their customers. Often these On Demand CRM solutions are seen in the broad light of scalability as these decisions on extending the horizons of CRM applications by adding another module don't give nightmares to the CIOs. On Demand CRM offerings helps the enterprises to increase sales, drive marketing, loyalty, and service effectiveness. These solutions reduce cost and risk, enhances the delivered business value, and increases the scalability. The medium of delivery for CRM are shifting to the cloud based services. "Renting out" computing capacity works as an advantage for the organizations to manage sky rocketing capital expenditures.

Note: I would like to thank Richa Thakur (Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys) and Samir Kumar Samal (Technology Architect, Infosys) for their valuable inputs in writing this blog.


Well written. Good thought process put.

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