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Face of the CRM Apps (Part-2)

Guest post by
Richa Thakur, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys


CRM landscape is an uneven terrain, with various players battling it out in the global markets. It is challenging for the organizations to differentiate their offerings from the competitors. Likewise, the customers feel lost in the wide array of options that are offered to them. We present the next two trends which we feel could be the differentiators in the organizational offerings.

Trend 2: Augmented Reality

We are living in the era of augmented reality. Augmented reality has varied applications in the Consumers, Business and Employees (B2C, B2B and B2E) space. For e.g. in the B2B space it could be used for Product Exhibitions or demonstrations, industrial usage of the equipment being guided on the mobile device, field repairs and many more.

Even the businesses can use the apps for their employees and can be collaborated with the organizations' knowledge initiative; wherein the details about their knowledge submissions in the repository could be listed as you walk past them or their skillsets. 

Trend 3: Business Intelligence

Not long ago analytics used to be key differentiator for the various organizations selling CRM applications. Nowadays, it has become an embedded part how organizations do business. Sales and Service Data is sliced and diced to aid in informed decision making.

Often the information is rolled up to the global level and gain the contextual intelligence. With the real time and the historical analytics the enterprises can go ahead with their adaptive Business Planning. CRM Apps are often embedded with various functional area specific analytics linked directly to the key business processes which impact the business operations.

Businesses want one comprehensive solution for their employees whether it is accessing the daily sales report or entering customer specific data. They are not interested getting into the hassle of having separate systems doing standalone tasks to increase their costs.

Trend 4: Increased Mobility

In the mobility CRM apps market space, not one vendor will be dominating the market space but there will multiple vendors battling it out. Most of them would often specialize in their niche markets chosen at a horizontal level or at the industry level. IT Consumerization has given birth to a new phenomena's like "Bring your Own Device (BYOD)" User Experience and they are picking up pace are seen as a strong boost to mobile CRM apps which would in turn boost the sales productivity. Organizations have to consider "Mobility" as cannot be separated aspect from CRM Apps.

Note: I like to thank Samir Kumar Samal (Technology Architect, Infosys) and Poonam Gujral Nagra (Consultant, Infosys) for their inputs in this blog.


Hi Everybody,

Cool & Insightful article by the author - Nice.

Yes,mobility of CRM Apps inseparable,essential of this era. But "BYOD" concept more specifically arouse out of effective handling of economical recession(When considered in the category of employee or not affordable ),so CRM App mobility model is must,be it be BYOD or not.

This is very nice article . this is very use ful for siebel crm admin learner.

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