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Leading the Customer Service Commitments (Part-2)

Guest post by
Saurabh Dwivedi, Consultant, Infosys


In the last part, I have recalled how the lack of information with the service agent led him to overcommit which in turn brought down the service level commitments severely. Then I talked about the information gap which can be potentially plugged in by the CRM system. In continuation of that, in this part, I will try exploring the Siebel CRM system capabilities which can ensure that the customer service agent has access to complete information in their CRM systems and is also able to pass on the complete service requirements and commitments to the assigned technician.

To plug these gaps, CRM users shall be able to raise purchase order, maintain all types of products, manage complex pricing models including discounts, perform part availability check, do stock transfer, manage vendor information as well as route all the said service commitments to the assigned technician/mechanic immediately, doing all this in addendum to performing generic service activities like service request creation, scheduling and so on.

Employing Siebel CRM for achieving the Customer Service Excellence

Of the many existing CRM systems in the market, I am not sure if there would exist more robust system than Siebel CRM to build this linkage. It not only provides the exhaustive CRM capabilities like Service Request Management etc but also offers lot of out of box functionalities which can be leveraged to get the required operational information in the CRM system. Some of these capabilities include

  • Maintaining the vendor information in the CRM system including assets, buysites, paysites etc
  • Maintaining the products, dynamic pricing and discount matrices
  • Capabilities to raise purchase and return orders
  • Internal parts availability check as well as integration with 3rd party application to check the same
  • Ensuring tab on the shipments and track the status of orders
  • Receiving and consuming parts
  • Making payments for Vendor invoices and credit memos
  • Verify the Vendor audit ratings

Additionally to bring in more visibility and effectively connect the service and operations, we can design an embedded 360 view of the vendor in the Siebel CRM system. This tight linkage could ensure that customer service agents can quickly check the requested part availability with preferred supplier, compare costs, verify the shipment status of order, and accordingly commit to the customer. 

Building Vendor 360 Degree View

  • This vendor 360 view shall enable any CRM user to view the Level 0 information for Vendor and other related entities like Orders, Invoices/Credit Memos, and Parts etc.

 Saurabh_2_1.jpgWOW customer service

When all this single version of information, in a standalone system, is available to the customer service agent, there are very remote chances for organizations from deviating on service commitments. On the contrary, organizations shall be able to pass on the accrued benefits from operational and service excellence to the end customer leading to WOW customer service.

It will also lead to lower IT costs to the organization as all this will be maintained and managed in single system instead of managing different, disparate systems. What is your view?

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