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Managed Cloud Services for Siebel CRM

Guest post by
Manmeet Mehta, Technology Lead, Infosys


Change is the law of nature .During hot summer when temperature break all the records, people look up in the sky to see if they can see some Clouds, that would provide them some relief from this heat and welcome the spring season open heartedly.  Organizations are also looking for respite from the heat of the servers they have to maintain. And Cloud computing have come as a respite for them. The latest trend of moving from On Premise systems to On Cloud is a great example of Green IT.  It suffices use of computing resources in an efficient, effective and economic way. Cloud computing usage in the enterprise is growing rapidly, all contributing to winning business for organizations.

Cloud computing is bringing the consumers and enterprises closer for information sharing and delivery. It is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources or services via Software(Saas), Platform(Paas) and Infrastructure(Iaas), that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal manual intervention/efforts.

Cloud Computing has already made its debut. Actually each one of us has been using cloud computing every day, to send messages, save photographs/videos, watch online movies. Now, the challenge of cloud computing even brightens further. CRM on Cloud has become today's necessity.  Many new ways by which customers want to interact with you have recently come in, thereby improving customer relations just over cloud. Salesforce was already a leader in cloud market, but now even Siebel CRM is making an attempt to be on cloud. Although, there were times when focused was moved from Siebel CRM to other Cloud based CRM apps. But with a ray of hope, Oracle Siebel decided to diversify and step up to Cloud based Siebel CRM.  Amazon AWS, Rackware many more went ahead and took up this challenge to host Siebel On premise to Cloud. They offered Cloud Sites, Cloud Storage, Cloud Servers, Load balancers, databases, backups and monitoring as part of their services.  Let us take a step ahead and have a SPRING GREEN Revolution.

"We infoscians are prepared for this change."  Would it be a success?  Let's wait and watch.


great work towards green IT...manmeet.

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