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New trend set by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) through Social Media re-emphasizes the importance of Social Media strategy in today's competitive market

Guest Post by
Nitin Dafade, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys Limited

Aam Aadmi Party or we can say 'Mango Peoples Party' was able to make big dent in the Indian Politics at New Delhi with their totally new approach of reaching people with their strategy against corruption and it all started with the 'India Against Corruption' Campaign which was floated through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc.  IAC (India Against Corruption) was able to generate massive youth support for agitation through their campaign via social media and after the formation of the AAP party also social media was used as one of the major campaigning and communication tool, which was very much successful as evident from the recent Delhi Election result. 

This re-in-forces the power of social media and companies now have to rethink about their CXM strategy to communicate and connect with the segment of the people who are connected via social media and wanted to share their views.

Either consumer products or service provider companies whose target audience is youth, in particular, can now leverage social media more than ever before to communicate about new offers, new product launches, product experience, service experience etc. For example, a company who has launched a new product or service and wants to know customer experience about the same, can now use social media to quickly gauge customer responses and make prompt changes in the product or service, thus increasing market reach in a very short span of time and also reducing time to market for the new product/services giving them competitive advantage as compared to other players.

There are several applications in this space which provide excellent tools to the companies to capture customer experience and connect with the existing and future customers. Oracle with its host of recent acquisition in this space like Vitrue, Collective Intellect and Involver provides complete Social Relationship Management (SRM) Platform for the Companies which are facing stiff competition or the new companies which wanted to make big entry in to the market with their new products/services  or some disruptive innovation.
With Oracles SRM Platform, companies can:
  • Create Buzz in the Market before launching Product/Service through teaser advertisement of the product/service through  Social Marketing Campaign
  • Capture real time customer feedbacks across all social media to get complete picture
  • Monitor filtered customer feedbacks after Cleaning, Categorizing and Segmentation 
  • Engage with the Customer with response through the right channel by routing customer feedback to the right person
  • Analyze Customer views about the product/services through the different matrices and tools will enable companies to make required changes in their product/service offering 
So, If AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)  can break political jinx of more than 50 years by reaching out to the millions of people in short time with right SRM tool and strategy it is time for the Companies to think about powerful platform called social media and use right set of tools to make a big dent in the market.

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