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Face of the CRM Apps: Part III

Guest post by
Richa Thakur, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys Limited

Bonding with your customers has become the only key of survival in the cut throat competition. In our previous blog we discussed about the challenges faced by the enterprises as the 'Makers of CRM Apps' and trends that would be the game changers in the CRM Apps Market space/ Here I am with the last part of my blog with the remaining trend and the questions the Customers/Businesses face they are the buyers.

Trend 5: Social CRM
Enterprises now interact at many social forums to resolve and discuss various business problems. Social media is not merely restricted to a communication but has become a collaboration channel which helps enterprises to quicker go to market cycles and increases their internal efficiency. 
CRM Apps Marketers view social CRM as highly effective tool to deliver simple messaging which is accessible to customers, administer targeted campaigns/offers and often used to reward customers for their loyalty. Social CRM is seen in the light of horizon which translates into 'Endless Opportunities for Enterprises'.

These trends are becoming a must have in CRM Apps, but the organizations should not fall into the 'Do it all' trap and focus on from we started i.e. the "Customer". So whenever the CRM APPs hit the market place the enterprise customers will always ask -
1. I need this core business process to be incorporated in the CRM App.
2. Is there a use case for my industry?
To tackle these questions enterprises would need the industry specific solutions which are leveraging the above mentioned trends. Here are few industry specific CRM Apps.
Richa blog.jpg  
Using the identified trend clouds in CRM apps the enterprises can win more customers and effectively manage the relationship with the existing customers.

The above trends could be used by in conjunction applying permutations and combinations to proactively develop customized applications to suit business needs of the customers, thus delight them. If the customers need are taken as the starting point and mapped to these technological trends would result in generating more business for the enterprises. 

In the end it is just about managing social relationships by bridging the gap between technology and it's usability at the enterprise level for the smooth sustainable growth.

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