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MICROS: The Newest feather in Oracle's Cap

In June this year, Oracle announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire MICROS Systems for a whopping amount believed to be around $5 billion. This puts MICROS as the largest acquisition for Oracle, in a series of many, since it bought SUN Microsystems in 2010 and is still way short of what it paid for PeopleSoft. So what exactly made Oracle splash the not just the millions but the billions?

MICROS Overview

MICROS (Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating Systems) provides industry leading enterprise wide services, applications and hardware in the retail and hospitality domain. The solutions provided by MICROS include point-of-sale, central systems, property management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, supply chain and vendor management, merchandise planning management and e-commerce.

Serving customers in three industries viz. F&B (Food and Beverage), Hospitality and Retail, MICROS Systems provides various mobile, on-premise and cloud based application tools. In the F&B industry, MICROS caters to food and beverage options in hotels, entertainment venues, table and quick service restaurants, cruise ships and casinos along with other operations into food service.

The software solutions created by the company are utilized in a number of casinos, leisure and entertainment, table and quick service restaurants, hotels, retail, and other travel operations in most of the countries around the globe.

Oracle and MICROS Synergies

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud developments are radicalizing every industry, with the hospitality sector turning to SMAC for its future highs. While the acquisition of MICROS doesn't fundamentally change Oracle the way SUN did, but it certainly helps Oracle to adapt to the rapidly transforming retail and hospitality industry worlds.

MICROS' industry specific solutions combined with Oracle's technologies, business applications and cloud portfolio help Oracle broaden its horizons with respect to its offerings in industries. It further enhances the Global Business Unit organizational landscape of Oracle with the Oracle Hospitality solutions being given a stronger platform by MICROS' Hotel and F&B Offerings while the existing Retail solutions would be complemented well by MICROS' Retail Offerings.

Oracle and MICROS: A Winning Combination

Although Oracle and MICROS together can be seen to revolutionize the hospitality industry by helping hotels, retailers and food & beverage facilities to accelerate innovation, delight customers with complete, open and integrated solutions transforming their businesses, acquiring MICROS has a number of benefits for Oracle which is making financial analysts believe the price paid is actually quite reasonable.
While the obvious benefit is the huge customer base along with the wide array of hardware and software products under MICROS' umbrella, the real asset may be the data that passes through MICROS' POS systems. Oracle has a number of data analysis tools which can use this data to answer any number of hypothetical questions for the customers.

Newer trends in the retail and hospitality sector like secure, intelligent room keys, property asset monitoring and advanced in room technologies are spaces where MICROS has the hardware and know how to complement Oracle's established enterprise applications and provide a huge opportunity for Oracle to up/cross-sell its products to a long list of MICROS' customers.

Whether acquiring MICROS is a master stroke or just a bad apple is something that time will only tell but at the moment it sure looks to be a winning combination!

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