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Oracle Life Sciences portal - 'Go - Mobile' using Responsive Web Design

Increasing number of life sciences application users are shifting to mobile devices, as they need precise, updated, personalized and easily accessible information for doing their day-to-day work. As part of its offerings for the life sciences industry vertical, Oracle provides a rich suite of products ranging from eClinical applications, Operational Planning, Tracking and Management solutions to Clinical data ware housing and Pharma co-vigilance applications. With very few of them available on mobile devices, most of these applications are desktop applications having point-to-point integrations amongst them. 

Please join me in the session on 'An Oracle Life Sciences Portal: Go Mobile with Responsive Web Design' @ Oracle Open World on September 30th Thursday, 5:15 - 6:00 PM PST at Marriott Marquis - Salon 12/13, where I will discuss the details of Oracle Life Sciences portal solution, its business need, technical aspects and how this can be developed using Oracle mobile ADF framework, maintained, installed and integrated with other applications.

This session will discuss the need for developing an 'Oracle Life Sciences portal' solution using Oracle Mobile ADF framework by leveraging Responsive web design concepts.

Some of the key features of 'Oracle Life sciences Portal' are as follows -

·         Can be accessed using web browser or deployed as native app.

·         Single unified view and secured access to all Oracle Life sciences applications

·         Available in online and offline mode on varied mobile platforms (like Google android and Apple iOS devices)

·         Capability to configure application specific portlets, summary views, dashboards.

·         Simplified Protocol view and subject enrollment tracking

·         Single Sign On (SSO) support using SAML standard

·         Fully regulatory compliant solution


This session will be useful for anyone who is using Oracle life sciences products, IT practitioners/IT companies building Life sciences solutions, and anyone from the pharmaceutical industry who are interested in mobile enablement for their respective organizations. This will help them understand the benefits of 'Oracle Life Sciences Portal solution'; its functional and technical aspects, and how mobile users and companies can take advantage of this portal solution.

This blog is posted on behalf of Sheetal Nagar, Technology Lead, Infosys. 

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