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Oracle Social Network: Impact on a Sales Organizations

In the digital age, not a single day passes by without checking some social platform or the other; for professional growth or personal needs or just for information exchange. Social networks have increased the speed of communication and extended the reach of an individual. Social network have brought in vast pools of knowledge to the disposal of individuals by exchange of ideas & experiences. 

Think of bringing that power to a sales organization. Information and experiences are spread across an organization and it's a challenge to utilize all of it to take advantage of opportunities and fend off threats. Social networking makes this information exchange very easy by bringing the information to the associates rather than the associate looking for it.

Let's think of an organization where

·         A new employee who can exchange ideas with most experienced member and learn from that interaction by discussing real time lead/opportunity or customer


·         Managers and employees can receive one email that shows all the updates or developments to the opportunities/accounts or leads they are interested in along with their coffee in the morning


·         A collection of all transactions or multiple transactions related to an initiative or product line available for taking future decisions


·         A sales member or manager can look at the updates on the go without using his computer


·         Multiple SME's can discuss on a single opportunity/leads bringing in their experience from respective disciplines


·         A sales person can understand about the contacts and decision makers of his new account by a single post

An organization with above qualities will not only have speed & agility but also will have associates who has all tools & knowledge at their disposal to win over competition and serve the customers best in the market place

Oracle Social Network provides powerful tools & abilities to achieve above abilities by bringing information to everyone everywhere. OSN by enabling discussion on opportunities/leads or customers and providing ability to interact with anyone in the organization either on desktop or mobile or outlook provides powerful medium for effective information exchange and decision making

Join us for the discussion at OOW on Oct 1st @ 12:45 PM in session "Oracle Sales Cloud: Increase Sales with Team Collaboration and Social Selling" to understand more about capabilities of OSN and its impact on day to day business of a sales organization.

This blog is posted on behalf of Vikram Yellampalli, Principal, Manufacturing, Infosys.

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