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Upgrading to Oracle Hyperion for a Very Large EPM Landscape

Upgrading from a stable Oracle Hyperion EPM solution to a newer version is always a critical challenge for any client, as it can have a direct impact on an organization's ability to report externally in a timely manner. Some of the key influencing factors for a Hyperion Upgrade are

        Need for Continued support and additional features like better and intuitive user interface

        Existing Paint Points or Performance Issues

        Leveraging available landscape in a better

        Discontinued product impact of older version and going along future direction from Oracle

        Possible avenues to accelerate close cycle and improve the budgeting and planning process


Once the decision to upgrade has been made, the next important step is to build the right team and make right partnerships with consultants/vendors who can help you plan and execute a successful upgrade with right combination of project experience and proven standard processes. In my experience, proper involvement of the existing production support team during various stages of the project is also one of the most important success factors.

Once the IT team has a clear idea of how to proceed with the upgrade, the next big step is to ensure sufficient engagement of business users in the testing cycle. Even accounting for the fact that IT performs as much testing as possible, it's very difficult to look at things the way a business user looks or performs certain activities. So we should enable and support the business user to test the new system or processes thoroughly through UAT and User parallel cycles. That is always the best test and once they are comfortable, it gives IT that extra bit of confidence to plan for the go-live. To make this work, I would re-iterate that it's up to the IT team how they enable business users to test.

To understand all the points above through a proven case study please attend our session "Upgrading to Oracle Hyperion for a very large EPM landscape" at Oracle Open world 2014. This session talks how a global leading oil and gas major partnered with Infosys and Oracle to plan and execute a successful upgrade for a large Oracle Hyperion landscape.

To know about all of the above, meet us at Oracle Open world.

Date: October 2, 2014
Time: 1.15 p.m. to 2 p.m. PDT
Location: Marriott Marquis - Salon 1/2/3*

This blog is posted on behalf of Ashwin Tandon, Principal Consultant, Infosys.

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