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Enterprise On-the-Go: Siebel Mobile Improves the Way We Work

Customers today live in an ever-changing and mobile-centric world. Organizations need to equip their employees with appropriate technology solutions to realize their potential and get better insights. 'Enterprise on the Go' mobile CRM untethers employees from their desks, liberating them to spend more time to serve their customers.
Focusing on future ways of working, a telecom major in the APAC region engaged with us to enable key business outcomes using Open UI as the strategic enabler. With our expertise in distributed agile, a strong UI/UX practice and deep techno functional skill sets, we were able to achieve positive outcomes like increased user adoption, productivity gains and improved sales forecasting. For us at Infosys partnering with our clients crosses two areas delivering value through: 
  • innovation, collaboration & co-creation
  • empowering users to improve productivity through our 24X7 support services & consulting services
What does this mean for our clients?
  • Increased Business Agility: Open UI provides the framework through which Siebel assets can be modelled to enable business and IT to quickly/easily customize and deploy user interfaces there by ensuring faster "Go to Market" strategy. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Open UI has brought user experience in enterprises to the forefront. Open UI provided the pathway for us to leverage the latest web technologies and build intuitive user interfaces. This has transformed Siebel to reflect/emulate any modern websites.
  • Increased User Adoption: Open UI enables business process simplification and improved performance. This has resulted in higher user adoption of the Siebel enterprise.
  • Productivity gains: Siebel Open UI helps rationalisation of clicks, navigation across screens/views which ensures effective and efficient use of the application by users.
What is our value proposition?
Infosys has been at the forefront and early adopter of Open UI. With a dedicated innovation lab backed by strong technical expertise we have delivered a number of product innovations. Leveraging the GDM model we have been able to collaborate & innovate with our clients. This has been possible through rapid prototyping and development. We are with our clients on their transformative journeys guiding them with our deep domain and technical capabilities. This approach of collaboration has won a number of accolades for us and our clients.

Infosys' implementation of Oracle Siebel Open UI for a large Telco has been awarded the 2014 Oracle Communications Global Innovation Award and has been recognized by Oracle as the new global CRM best practice baseline. (

Infosys and the large telco together presented a session titled "Enterprise On-the-Go: Siebel Mobile Improves the Way We Work" at Oracle Open World this year where details of Oracle Siebel Open UI implementation, use of Siebel Open UI across the organization functions, implementation details and benefits were discussed.

This session was well attended and especially useful for organizations who were interested in Siebel Open UI enablement. The session helped attendees understand the use cases, implementation aspects and learnings from Siebel Open UI implementation.

This blog is posted on behalf of Rama Rao Ganapatineedi, Technology Lead, Infosys Limited.

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