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FDMEE : Patch 510(

In previous part we discussed the different integration tool and their comparison with FDMEE. In this blog we will discuss the functionalities that were added as part of PSU510 for FDMEE. Also, we will discuss the bugs that have been fixed and the functionalities that are still missing.

Below are the defects that have been fixed.


FDMEE_Blog3_Pic1.pngNow we can discuss the functionalities that have been added since FDMEE evolved from version Below is the list.

1.      Custom Scripts

2.      Multiload data loads are now possible

3.      Tab delimiter for flat file based import format

4.      Object for Period Name added to aid the scripting

5.      Filter for list of periods in POV in workbench

Let us go through each of the addition briefly.

Custom Scripts :

Custom scripts are now available through Script Editor in FDMEE. Custom scripts allows to run various FDMEE tasks including running batches and data load rules. These scipts are supported both in Jython and Visual Basic.

P.S. These scripts can not be migrated using LCM.

Multi Load :

It's a mojor functionality that has been added in this patch. This has been completely changed if compared to classic FDM. It allows the loading of multiple months for a year in a single execution for flat file source systems. It is availble while defining Import format and there is no separate module for Multi Load.


FDMEE_Blog3_Pic2.pngTab Delimiter:

Now tab is available as a delimiter in the Import format for the flat file based loads. It was a very generic requirement to have a tab as delimiter because most of the files generated from the standard source systems are tab delimited.


FDMEE_Blog3_Pic3.pngPeriod Name Object:

This property was created to refer directly in scripts to provide a flexibility to write custom codes. This property can be used with fdmContext object by referencing it as fdmContext["PERIODNAME"]. To execute any script for a specific period this property can be used.

Features still missing:

1.      POV Locking

2.      Controls Review

3.      Missing Timestamp in process monitor reports

4.      Missing Classic analysis reports

We will discuss in detail few imprtant FDMEE functionalities which adds a new dimension to its functionalities in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned. 


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