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Latest & Greatest FDMEE

Recently Oracle launched the much talked EPM As the part of this suite FDMEE was also released. A lot of features that were missing in the previous version have been added. We will walk through briefly with the major new additions which enhances the usability of this product.

Below are the features that have been much awaited and finally have been revealed.

1.                 1. Data Synchronization

This is big addition to the FDMEE tool as this enhances the capabilities to integrate inter EPM applications. Even with a different dimensionality with in applications, FDMEE will enable to extract and load data using this new feature.

We will be able to select the source and target EPM applications while defining an import format. So this process will also follow the standard FDMEE workflow.


2. New Target Applications

FDMEE will now allow integrating with Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM). In addition to this, there is new Tax Provision application for HFM target applications.


3. Write Back

This version of FDMEE provides writ back to source ERP system from all the EPM applications except Accounts Reconciliation Manager (ARM) as compared to the previous release which was not capable of write back from HFM and ASO applications. 

4. POV Locking

FDMEE introduces POV locking at location level. In the previous version the POV locking was available only at application level. This was a pain point which Oracle has addressed with this new release.

5. Excel Interface

A new great feature has been added to support excel downloads and uploads. This feature can be accessed from Integration Setup tab. This supports most of the FDMEE artifacts to be exported to excel and vice versa.


6. Graphical Import format Builder

A graphical version of import format builder has been introduced which allows to map source and target dimension members on a UI screen.

7. Concatenate Source Segments

With the changes in the import format, now we will be able to concatenate unlimited number of source ERP segments while importing data in FDMEE and can be mapped accordingly.

8. Fix Mappings

If there are any mapping issues during the validate step of the workflow, same can no be fixed from the data load workbench.


9. Target application options

     Now the target application options can be set per data load rule. This will help to set the protection    value for HFM based on the location. This is good enhancement over the previous version as it resolves the protection value usage limitation which was an application level property earlier.


    10. Flat File options in Data Load Rule

          New options are available for flat file loads in the drop down list for file type. Support for excel based oads have been added which was missing in previous version for multi load.



        11. Override All Data option 

        While exporting data to planning/essbase applications, "Override All Data" option was present as one of the export modes. The only way to get rid of it was to remove it from the backend FDMEE tables in previous version. This version provides an option to choose this option as data export option by the target application.


     Stay tuned as we take a deeper dive in the technical details of these new functionalities. We will also discuss the major fixes and the functionalities still missing in this version as compared to the classic FDM in our upcoming posts.



Thank you for providing a very good insight into the features added in the latest version of FDMEE. Looking forward to next post for a deep dive into the technical details of these new functionalities along with the known issues if any.

Thanks Bhasker. We will keep you posted on the issues as well.

Can you post FDMEE installation. thank you

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