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Oracle CRM on Demand: Future, Roadmap and Strategy


Oracle CRM on Demand which was previously known as 'Siebel on Demand' has evolved long way from its acquisition by Oracle in 2006.  Oracle CRM on Demand is a hosted SaaS (software as a service) application which provides deep Sales Force Automation functionalities with strong analytics along with Customer Service, Marketing and Contact Management functionalities.  Oracle CRM on Demand is continuously evolved from Release 10 in 2006 to Release 27 in 2014. Initially after acquisition there was no major innovation pack for around 2 year however from Release 16 onwards Oracle has delivered Oracle CRM on Demand release in every 4 months [1]. Oracle CRM on Demand is now much more refined product and provides latest usability, mobility and extensibility solution.

Some of the key features of Oracle CRM on Demand available with latest release are:

Usability: Easy and Simple tablet inspired Interface to drive user adoptability. Modern Calendar, Maps and Proximity Search helps in follow up with customers and plan activities more accurately.

Mobility: CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales for Android, iOS, Blackberry devices and Oracle CRM on Demand Disconnected Mobile Sales for iPad users which helps in sales procedural compliance and also used for call submission on the go.

Extensibility: RESTful API's along with SOAP API's provides good integration options for rapid user interface customization and development of mobile application.

Integration: Can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes. Also, integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud for marketing automation, CPQ cloud for quote generation and complex pricing, and integration with JD Edwards and Oracle EBS for order management.

Social: Integration with Oracle's Social Relationship Management Suite for automatic lead creation through social campaigns, service request generation from social post, identification of negative influences on social media.

Oracle CRM on Demand is continuously improving and getting better and better with every release. However, with stiff competition in the CRM space we need to look at the Future, Roadmap and Strategy of product.

Future: Oracle CRM on Demand used to be lead CRM Cloud application for Oracle till 2011 and it was featured as 'Leader' in Gartner's Magic Quadrant till 2011[2]. With launch of Oracle Fusion Sales (re-named as Oracle Sales Cloud in 2013) Oracle CRM on Demand seems to be moved off the radar of many Technology Research Firms and also Oracle is promoting Oracle Sales Cloud as its lead CRM product. However, since Oracle CRM on Demand is part of Oracle's Applications Unlimited Lifetime Support Policy [3]  and looking at the past releases, Oracle CRM on Demand customers are now assured that there will be continuous improvement and innovation in the product by Oracle.

Although Oracle Sales Cloud is now the lead cloud based CRM application of Oracle, customers who are looking for the trusted solution, ease of deployment, limited customization and value product can still consider Oracle CRM on Demand. Existing Customers will continue to get benefits from latest releases where major issues will be addressed by Oracle. Oracle CRM on Demand offers industry solutions [4] for Life Sciences, High Technology, Insurance, Automotive and Wealth Management Industries with industry specific updates planned in coming releases.

Roadmap and Strategy: Oracle has defined CRM on Demand roadmap [5] for the next 6 releases till 2016 focusing on enriching user experience along with integration and extensibility. There are many feature's which are now available and planned for Oracle Sales Cloud will eventually be made available in Oracle CRM on Demand . For example, latest user interface icons and tablet based format is inspired from Oracle Sales Cloud's Simplified User Interface , also features like Gmail integration, Business Card scanning will eventually be made available in Oracle CRM on Demand in coming releases.

Oracle has not yet defined clear strategy for Oracle CRM on Demand, whether it will get merged with Oracle Sales Cloud or there is a migration plan for existing CRM on Demand customers to Oracle Sales Cloud . Looking at the existing roadmap of Oracle CRM on Demand it seems that both product will co-exist independently till Oracle unfolds its next CRM strategy.


Useful info. shared related to OCOD while providing imp. links.Thanks Nitin for this blog !

Useful post providing an overview of CRM OnDemand. While CRM OnDemand will continue to be supported and enhanced, Oracle Sales Cloud is definitely now the flagship CRM SaaS offering from Oracle. And migration roadmaps from CRM OnDemand to Sales Cloud are indeed being rolled out and being made available to customers, I believe. Email me and I may be able to provide more info.

To build better customers relationships there must have a specific and advanced technology that could turn indefinite site visitors into identified. Oracle has done the same task to increase registrations and identified such customers across to provide better services

Very well summarized insight.

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