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Fusion BI Apps and Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Introduction to Fusion BI Apps and Fusion Reporting

Fusion Business Intelligence Applications is an Out-Of-The-Box reporting solution that comes packaged with Fusion Applications having pre-built data models, Extract-Transform-Load processes, Key Performance Indicator's, Metrics, Reports and Dashboards. They cover varied business functions viz.

  • Oracle Procurement & Spend
  • Oracle CRM
  • Oracle SCM
  • Oracle Financials
  • Oracle HCM
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management

Closely integrating the reporting solution for Oracle Fusion with the transactional systems it provides seamless interaction of reports in Fusion transactional screens. This provides a common platform and also allows the triggering of business workflows from the reporting application.

The components comprising Fusion Application Business Intelligence are as follows

  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence - real time self-service reporting tool sitting directly on Fusion Apps data
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications - pre-built data warehouse enabling historical analysis and deep-dive into specific business areas with strategic insights
  • Specialized Domain specific Analytics package - built on Essbase technology which includes financial statements, Project Performance and sales territory planning
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher - catering to pixel perfect and highly formatted reporting requirements within Fusion applications

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Built on ADF and OBIEE technology, OTBI is a new component for online analytical reporting provided with the Fusion Edition. From a reporting perspective OTBI allows for the expansion of coverage providing new KPIs, reports and dashboards. OTBI provides a real time window into the transactional systems where business users can create their own reports using pre-built functional metadata.

OTBI vs OBIA: At A Glance

Any organization wants the best return on their investments and so is true for an organization while making an investment into BI. The lack of understanding of functionality provided by BI tools and limited technical capability generally leads to misguided investments and question marks over the effectiveness of the BI infrastructure. Some key areas one needs to look into while deciding whether to use OTBI or OBIA for the organizational reporting needs are discussed below.

OTBI and OBIA use conformed dimensions based on a single common semantic data model. While looking at a solution to a business problem we first need to ascertain whether it would employ analysis of historical data or whether the current state analysis of transactional data would be enough. If the former is true, OBIA is the preferred way to go whereas OTBI fits right in for the latter scenario. Another key aspect is the actual business process requirement from the reporting platform. OTBI is preferred by Operational users for tactical reporting while OBIA for strategic reporting by Managers and Analysts. OTBI on the one hand enables real-time reporting providing data views at the minutest level with no data movement involved while OBIA on the other is based on a data warehouse model with using an ETL tool for data loads with the data availability being determined by the frequency of the ETL refresh.

Although there are no standard rules for selecting the perfect Business Intelligence reporting tool for an organization, the criteria's discussed above certainly do help in deciding the best fit.


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