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Unlocking the Organizational Change Conundrum

Managing Change - Lessons from the Ground

Being an avid supporter of one of the biggest football club in the world, I was reading an article by a former club captain the other day. The article dealt with the trials and tribulations of the club post the retirement of the manager, someone who had become the spirit of the club in his more than two decades of service. The article went on to describe the past glories and how the leaving of key figures had led to lost ground in the battle for footballing supremacy.

Drawing parallels to the corporate world the current situation of the gives us a great opportunity to look at how change in leadership can be managed best after a prolonged period of magnanimous success. It starts with all stakeholders having to let go of the past and accept the situation and plan for the future. The basis to the philosophy being discussed were four key words Form, Storm, Norm, Perform.

When you "form" you bring in new parties. The coming together of key new personnel, partnerships, new ideas are what is expected during this phase.

The storm is the chaos point. After years of doing business a certain way, process becomes culture. The coming together of so many new entities results in a cultural shock and with it a lot of chaos. New 'formations' are tried resulting in a period of patient foundation building till one is identified which provides the desired results.

Norm means the new structure, bedding in. The initial shock is slowly driven away and acceptance sets in. The 'formation' best suited for the dynamic environment is built on top of the foundation established and new structures start taking shape reflecting a change in the way business is done.

Perform is the last stage where all the ground work and structure building creates an environment for all to optimally deliver their best.

Technology Enabled Organizational Change Management

To enable Organizational Change Management in todays leading business houses, Oracle specifically offers its OCM (Organizational Change Management) Services which look at enabling change through technology. By improving communication, OCM builds on stakeholder commitment to new technology and enables the business users to take full advantage of the new system.

The benefits expected are smoother transition to new technology, increased adoption and ROI through enhanced communication. This further results in higher productivity and performance, an increased stakeholder involvement and reduced risk.

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