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Evolving Oracle's leadership in PPM solution

With the ever changing dynamics of industries and a need to maintain a cohesive project management processes in Project based enterprises, PPM solution has been become very critical for companies to maintain control and visibility on the projects. Oracle is competing with number of companies to maintain its leadership and to keep hold of its customers who are either using standalone applications for Project management or using ERP for Financials or new customers who are still on legacy systems. In the last few years, Oracle has acquired Primavera, then Skire and then acquired company called Instantis and also has built Fusion applications that too have the capability to be on Cloud. Gartner in its latest report has already recognized Oracle PPM solutions as the leader in the 'Major Quadrant for Cloud based IT PPM'. The idea of bringing all these latest applications under the unified solution of Oracle is to bridge the gap between Projects managers and the wider operational business in which projects are executed.

Skire's Unifier is cloud based and on premise comprehensive solution for Capital Project management, Real Estate and contract management and is best complemented in conjunction with Primavera.  Unifier and Primavera solution is best suited for large construction projects, high capital invested or asset intensive projects allowing customers to have integrated flow of information from Capital planning to operations & maintenance.

Instantis's Enterprise track is both cloud based and on premise application based on SAAS platform. Enterprise track allows PMO to manage projects and portfolios using top down approach in a simpler and flexible manner. Instantis customer's base are companies with relatively projects of smaller project sizes and simpler project management but with more focus on resource constrained environments, portfolio & strategy management and ease of use and implement. Integrating Instantis with Oracle Primavera provides customers with enhanced productivity and analysis across projects and portfolios, better reporting and resource management (RMMM- Resource Management Maturity Model) for smaller to large projects in enterprises irrespective of the complexity of the industry. Integration of the Instantis with Oracle Primavera and henceforth the ERP (Oracle Fusion Financials) complements the resource management, product & process initiatives of Enterprise track of Instantis with robust project scheduling capabilities in scheduled constraint environment and therefore eliminating the gap between effective project management to smooth execution of the project.

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