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Make the Most of Your Equipment Investments with EEM

Posted by Abhijit Thanedar, Lead Consultant, Infosys

Most companies procure new equipment and machinery on a regular basis to increase daily production or replace old equipment. However, without proper assistance or training from equipment manufacturers, equipment setup becomes a time-consuming process. Without timely set-up, the purchased equipment is left idle resulting in significant losses, lower production efficiency and increasing frustration.

Today's manufacturers want robust and durable equipment that:
  • Enables seamless production and constant high throughput
  • Minimizes down-time from inherent operational issues
  • Hosts in-built maintenance and issue prevention
  • Is operator and maintenance-friendly
  • Reduces need for expensive spare parts inventory
  • Enables vertical production start-up

The total life cycle cost (TLC) of equipment involves measuring known costs such as acquisition cost as well as hidden cost for facilities, equipment spares, equipment disposal, technology publishing, inventory, training, operating, transportation, and equipment support.

  • The early equipment management (EEM) initiative comprises of a set of policies, tasks and activities that are defined by a company to reduce TLC and enable vertical start-up of new equipment. The initiative helps companies achieve:
  • High product quality through stringent quality assurance checks
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Minimum lead time for equipment setup and vertical start-up
  • High internal safety standards through planned accessibility to equipment
  • High reliability and autonomous maintainability through quick issue identification and easy resolution
  • Seamless operations with rapid countermeasures to deal with abnormalities

The EEM initiative leverages a phased approach to deliver true value to equipment purchase and set-up such as:
  • Planning - Determines policies, investigates facility investment and conducts equipment planning
  • Scheduling - Estimates equipment cost, scheduling and basic specification concept
  • Designing - Establishes preventive maintenance, equipment failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), production capacity, concrete concept planning, and determination of specifications
  • Pricing and goals - Determines manufacturing budget, due date capacity, specifications, and debugging
  • Infrastructure and training - Determines installation layout, control, incidental facilities, wiring and piping, and conducts training for equipment operators
  • Testing - Evaluates equipment performance, detects inconveniences and measures reliability, safety and autonomous maintainability
  • Production - Determines initial flow control and measures equipment process capacity, breakdowns stoppages and overall equipment effectiveness
To learn more about Infosys' Early Equipment Management initiative and the role of Oracle applications, please attend our session at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 on October 26, 2015 at 6:00pm in Park Central, Olympic. Infosys is a Diamond sponsor at the event.


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