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Next What - 'Strategy to Solution Deployment' using HCM Cloud Solutions

Posted by Sankar Konduru, Senior Industry Principal, Oracle Practice, Infosys

To start with, let me tell you a bit about my latest interactions with my son. While I reason out every choice he makes these days - right from the color of his shirt to the flavor of coffee, we end up with some surprising choice patterns when these transactions finally end. I think, It is not uncommon to have these surprises from your kids, especially if they are moving from the days of 'you making choices for them' to the state of 'let me try to make my own choices' on everything that matters to them. If you go one level deeper into my kid's behavior pattern analysis, I feel, his surprising choice pattern is due to the wide range of options available creating equal amount of confusion in his mind while making these choices.

Close to work, we observe a similar pattern of surprising choice making with our customers these days. Funny, it may sound, but the comparison with an adolescent's choice patterns is very apt. Agreed, the situations which my son gets into every time are very far-fetched from a real business problem which our customers face these days. But just like I own responsibility to handle my son's choices, we gleefully work with our customers to resolve these issues and provide right business solutions / choices.

The moot point is, if we ever end up with only type of behavior pattern to handle during our professional work. The answer is a big NO, obviously. We get to work with all kinds of customers with very varied business problems and behavior patterns. Hence, it is good for us to have such behavior pattern analyzed and explored further.

With the advent of technologically superior cloud platforms, increasing imperative to cater to Millennial & Digital Workforce and an urge to amplify innovative culture within the company, each of our customers is planning move to cloud platforms. HCM Cloud platforms like Oracle HCM Cloud solutions are driving customers across the world to do an extreme make-over of their HR Applications and make the ultimate move.

However, close observation of our customer behavior pattern reveals that the success of a customer's cloud journey is completely dependent on two paradigms - adoption of cloud products from the IT team and Intention of businesses to move cloud solutions. So, it is very useful to categorize the customers based on these two paradigms to understand their deeper needs or drivers. While there is no pragmatic measurement plan or scale to rate a customer on these two parameters, we can categorize our customers qualitatively just by their behavioral patterns observed.

Here is the high level classification of these customer based on these two paradigms. 








Early Birds

These are customers with high IT adoption to newer technology or trends. So usually keep current of all their IT applications with latest technology. Their business teams equally reciprocate this behavior. Hence, these customers are either on their way for a HR Transformational journey using HCM Cloud solutions OR have already done or undergoing it.

Late Bloomers

This group of customers is diagonally opposite to the Early Birds for the obvious reasons. These are customers with lower IT adoption to new trends and/or conservative to experiment with new HCM Cloud solutions. Like a trusted companion, their business counter parts are very interested to continue the 'status-quo' and do not see that there is a need to change. Typically, these are organizations with major Legacy and bolt-on HR applications and unwilling to take the journey to Cloud solution citing security, organizational change or process uniqueness etc.. as some reasons.  


This group is certainly a curious case. Here the business teams are well educated about the latest trends in HCM business and dream to have all the new features / trends like Mobility, Social Networking etc.. to be incorporated in their HCM solution. However, the IT teams in such customers are not ready for moving to latest cloud technologies because of various reasons like information security, integration needs etc..

Geeks and Freaks

No. This is the not that TV soap.
This group is kind of mirror the same qualities like that of Dreamers. However, the roles tend to reverse here - IT team is very mature and ready for HCM Cloud applications but their Business team is not ready for such a disruption in their daily activities.

On a whole, this categorization can be tricky. Each of these qualifiers is not a permanent qualifier for our customer. A customer can move thru one category to another category with sublime ease and ignorance. So, it is very situational and needs a deeper analysis of the customer psyche.

Here is why this analysis very important to Infosys.

With the advent of these Cloud solutions, system integrators (SI) like Infosys have to reinvent our value proposition to customers. The need to uplift our services is impending like never before in the current market condition. Like the customers are confused about so many facets of their HCM solution, we also need to provide a wide range of solutions to the customer - it is not just an ERP implementation now, but you could as well be designing and building an entire IT transformation journey to the customer with HCM Cloud solutions. So, it makes perfect sense for us to create a service catalog with complete range of service offerings suitable to each of the categories mentioned above. This is needed because as a SI you have to solve end-to-end business problems of a customer and not isolated ones.

This Oracle OpenWorld 2015 is going to be remarkable for our Oracle HCM practice.

This year, we have done an extreme make-over of our services with these end to end services in mind. We added new services like HCM Cloud Consulting to our erstwhile service catalog, jointly worked with our Center Of Emerging Technologies (iCETS) team to create Tools & Accelerators like Testing Automation, Data Migration and Rapid Implementation Workbench, built feature enhancements to the Oracle HCM Cloud solutions on areas like Integration, HCM co-existence and Reports dashboard. We also teamed up with Oracle for new PaaS solutions to provide an end to end experience to customer on Oracle HCM Cloud solutions. Today, customers can rely on us completely in their 'Strategy' to 'Solution Deployment' journey while adopting to HCM Cloud Solutions.

Come join us at Booth #1101 at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 to find out, 'Next What' in HCM Cloud with Infosys! Infosys is a Diamond sponsor at the event.

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