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The advent of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Posted by Varun Dalakoti, HCM Oracle Solutions Lead, Infosys

With SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions gaining a lot of momentum, customers often complain about the lack of flexibility in the extensions that they are offered as a part of the solution.

Traditionally, configurations were the only option available to customers to extend their SaaS applications to their individual specifications / requirements. Although not a bad thing, it forced businesses to adopt processes based on best practices that SaaS providers had built into their solutions, and it led to an overall reduction of the TCO effort. However, many customers still prefer to have the ability to build their critical business-specific extensions onto their SaaS solutions.

If a customer wants a functionality that is not available in the core product, for example, a solution to support the employee grievance program, PaaS-based functionality would allow the customer to build that new functionality and integrate it into their existing SaaS solution. This extension will not alter the base functionality of the SaaS solution in any way. Hence, the custom functionality will not inhibit the ability to make future upgrades on the SaaS solution.

What does the business gain?

The business can now have the optimum solution for their software requirements. They can get the cost advantages of subscription-based pricing, reduction in IT overhead cost, processes based on best practices, and faster access to new features and functions associated with SaaS software, while still being able to build applications to suit their unique requirements using PaaS.

Infosys approach to PaaS

  • One of the first SIs to work with Oracle around PaaS solution development
  • About 20 ideas for PaaS / cloud market place solutions across all HCM cloud modules are being collected and discussed with the Oracle product development team
  • The core development of solutions is done on an Oracle tech stack
  • Competent workforce experience in creating PaaS solutions
  • 2015 Oracle Titan Award for one of the PaaS solutions
  • Bundled along with Infosys HCM cloud implementations
  • Customers get these free along with the regular HCM cloud implementation executed by Infosys

To know more, please visit us at Booth # 1101 at Oracle Open World 2015. Infosys is a Diamond Sponsor at the event.

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