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Infosys accelerates application integration and speeds business value realization through Oracle PaaS implementations


Clearly, the adoption of platform as a service (PaaS) is exponentially increasing today as it has the proven capability to increase business agility and catapult an enterprise to a whole new level by subtracting the underlying infrastructure and application stack, which empowers architects and developers to focus on catering to business requirements. Oracle PaaS is rapidly gaining popularity amongst Oracle customers as it not only accelerates their software as a service (SaaS) adoption, but also ensures that ever-changing integrations are quicker and require reduced effort. Customers need a strong systems integrator (SI) partner with a proven solution framework who can help them adopt a PaaS platform speedily.


100+ integration projects and counting


Infosys has extensive experience in successfully executing large programs that deliver complex integration solutions based on the Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite. We are one of the few system integration partners that created and built competency on Oracle Fusion Middleware as early as 2006.


Since then, a dedicated CoE has been operational with a focus on building solutions that adhere to top-notch SOA designs and principles. The Infosys Fusion Middleware (FMW) CoE consists of 500+ global talents at every experience level, who have successfully executed 100+ significant integration projects across the globe.


With the objective of becoming the prime and preferred SI partner for PaaS solutions, our new Infosys Oracle PaaS CoE is continuously helping our customers leverage key Oracle PaaS services like java cloud service (JCS), integration cloud service (ICS), process cloud service (PCS), mobile cloud service (MCS), and SOA cloud service (SOA CS) for building tailored integrations to speed up their cloud adoption with minimal risks. Here are key features of the Infosys Oracle PaaS CoE:


  • A team of 300+ consultants for the Oracle PaaS platform who have been trained through Oracle's online and classroom training and Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) certifications

  • Dedicated architects for each service area who focus on co-development, rapid skill-building through internal training, thought leadership, value-added services, and demonstration of PaaS capabilities

  • A full-blown stack on Oracle PaaS services, which will be available for building and maintaining various solutions, proof of concepts, and client demos for presales functions, and will be managed independently in-house under the supervision of senior architects

  • Prototypes which we have already built in-house for integrating cloud applications and enhancing features to achieve bigger business goals


Apps are in the limelight


The Infosys Oracle PaaS CoE is on the path to becoming the numero uno systems integrator for PaaS platforms, and it has created a wide range of solution offerings that serve many clients across the globe.


Our key solutions available on the Oracle PaaS platform are aimed at enhancing customer experience (CX) SaaS and human capital management (HCM) SaaS.

We have built the following CX PaaS solutions based on real-time customer engagements such as:

  1. Partner program management app to extend the capabilities of Oracle Sales Cloud, by leveraging Oracle Java Cloud Service

  2. Mobile field service app to extend the capabilities of Oracle Service Cloud, by leveraging Oracle's Java Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, and SOA Cloud Service  

  3. Customer support service solution, by leveraging Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service, and Database as a Service (DBaaS)

  4. Cloud integration with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using a connecting agent of Oracle Integration Cloud Service, which is used to integrate the cloud and on-premises services

Three awards highlight our capabilities

  1. Specialized Partner of the Year Award - Global for Middleware Cloud in 2016

  2. Specialized Partner of the Year Award - North America for Middleware Cloud in 2016

  3. FY16 North America Partner Achievement Award - PaaS  


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