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Customer Experience - Expectations

Today's evolving customer has distinct requirements and wants a unique experience. This insight of customer experience may seem radical - but it's a real possibility. Customers no longer want a discrete digital and physical experience- there needs to be one smooth customer experience. The customer is no longer reserved to be at the receiving side of the value chain.

There are four key elements that coincide to drive noteworthy advances in the way businesses and customers are reaching out to each other.

1. Entwining of Virtual and Physical Experiences

The Innovation Age has enabled businesses to connect with their customers seamlessly through multiple channels creating new experiences online, over cell phones and even in the physical world

2. Arrival of the `PROSUMER'

With the reduced distance between an organization and its customers due to cloud and mobile technology adoption, customers are getting more and more involved in designing and producing products. As an example let's take the case of advertisers reaching out to their audience to ideate and produce the next big commercial. A leading food and beverage manufacturer commercial is one such example, where consumers were asked to record and send in their video entries for the beverage commercial.

3. Age of Engagement

No longer does the consumer today visit brick and mortar stores to get information about interested products. All the information that they need is available to them at their fingertips to discuss, compare and purchase. This leads to 'smart' sites and more products and features linked to social networking. This unstructured 'Big Data', sourced from the point of Engagement, is being used by businesses to study their customers revealing insights which were never thought imaginable

4. A Make-for-Me Future

The traditional techniques of mass marketing and selling pre-packaged products are already becoming a thing of the past. The buzz word these days is 'Customerization' where each product is customized per an individuals need and the future looks to be bright for those businesses which can achieve this hyper-personalization of goods and services

The revolution being experienced in customer power at present, is keeping companies on their toes and is driving them to dynamically captivate and innovate with customers across the value chain and to draw out insights from the ever so growing data sets. Disruptive innovations like 3D Printing have always pushed forward the evolution of mankind by leaps and bounds. The advances mobile, social, big data and cloud technologies provide customers a platform to connect with others and express their opinions in a more direct manner than ever possible before. This has put them right back in the center of the change being driven through technology by businesses aiming to optimize resources in a dynamic environment.

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