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Digital Marketing: Keeping Up with the Fast-moving World!

With every passing day, the world of digital marketing progresses faster and becomes smarter. By the time a marketing automation option is evaluated, there are already newer, enhanced features available in the market, capable of delivering greater business value. Thus, to keep pace with this ever-changing market, it is important to start Marketing Automation sooner and work faster.

Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua -- is a leading marketing-automation tool available on cloud today. Its out-of-box capabilities cover most features that are required for marketing automation. With a quick 'get-set-go' set-up, Eloqua can be configured to execute campaigns in just a few weeks.

While implementing Eloqua is quick, enhancing Marketing Automation requires continuous thinking, designing, and market research. The following points highlight how you can derive maximum value from Eloqua:

1. Integrate Eloqua and sales applications
  1. It helps with following-up of leads that are generated through various marketing campaigns and events, for sales conversion

  2. You could use adapters, which are available for most CRM systems such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce Data Community, Siebel, etc., for 'lead to opportunity' integration

2. Improve digital content value with content management applications
  1. Rich and relevant content attracts customers and creating such digital content requires a strong, creative, design team

  2. It is also important that the content is managed well for future reuse. Although Eloqua has the capability to store some content, keeping track of versions and maintaining the content in a proper structure -- with access provided to the right marketing users -- can be achieved by integrating Eloqua with specific content management applications. Oracle Marketing Cloud has 'Compendium' for the same purpose

3. Enable additional marketing channels
  1. Every channel provides immense possibilities. While identifying the target segment is certainly important, it's also crucial to work out a way to reach those prospects

  2. Email and web marketing are offered as standard features with the basic Eloqua implementation. However, enabling channels like social media, SMS, and ecommerce marketplaces would require additional integrations. SMS marketing is quite relevant in retail marketing (B2C), Oracle Responsys is a marketing tool that offers prebuilt SMS marketing capabilities.

4. Optimize Oracle Social Marketing to listen, engage, and monitor social channels
  1. Social media plays a key role in marketing today. When leveraging social media, there are three crucial things to do - listen, engage, and monitor

  2. Oracle Social Marketing comes pre-integrated with Eloqua. There are other components as well, in Oracle Social Cloud, which when combined together can add immense value to your marketing efforts and thus ensure success

5. Consult experts to create purposeful campaigns
  1. Identifying what additional campaign types are needed to improve marketing performance requires a lot of planning and research. The campaigns should be aligned with the marketing strategy and updated with the advancements in the market

  2. Campaigns may be designed for promotions, brand awareness, or for a specific target group. Simple drag and drop features in Eloqua enable marketers to create campaigns easily, without any programming

  3. Designing a successful campaign might require some digital marketing consultation

6. Optimize response management
  1. Response management is an integral part of the marketing process. While the key focus remains on identifying the right segmentation and ensuring a successful campaign launch, it is equally important to optimize response management for marketing success

  2. The Eloqua Lead Management module offers lead-scoring, which ensures that only quality leads go to the sales teams. This helps ensure campaign success and drives revenues

7. Track and measure performance with Insight
  1. Another important aspect is continuously tracking performance in order to observe the value realized and identify the improvements needed in the system

  2. Reporting with Eloqua Insight , provides marketers and managers analytics reports that enable them to regularly track performance and plan their marketing efforts accordingly

Thus, these are multiple factors that drive marketing success and endless possibilities with digital marketing solutions such as Eloqua. The bottom-line remains that to derive benefits and achieve success, the surefire approach is in making step-by-step enhancements.


Some info on sms for eloqua would be great. Excellent blog posts.

thank you for the valuable information giving on digital marketing it is very helpful.

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