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Improving Performance of your Sales Personnel - The Cloud Way


Over the years, traditional CRM solutions have expanded from being customer centric to maintaining a good health of the sales organization. Having a seamless and trustworthy system for incentivizing the Salesforce, goes a long way in improving the sales morale, thereby increasing the productivity. Further from a business standpoint, the incentivizing solution should help align the sales behavior to corporate goals. This is where Oracle sales cloud incentive compensation plugs in as a potential game changer to both the stakeholders: Salesforce and Organization. It is a global compensation management application that allows organizations to align the business objectives with sales force activities. Using OSC IC, organizations can leverage a calculation engine which can seamlessly cater to on-time and precise payments.

Sales organizations which continue to use spreadsheets, have failed to optimize sales planning and faced roadblocks in maintaining a motivated Salesforce. Some of the pain areas that have caused continual trouble to such organizations have been low sales morale, misaligned sales behavior due to lack of intersection between the organizations sales strategy and the compensation plan modelling. Also as a by-product of this, attrition in sales teams and retention of top talent has become an area of paramount concern. Henceforth having an automated, scalable and flexible commission calculation engine has attained greater importance.

Key Pain Points


Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) IC as a Solution

Given the wide range of challenges that organizations have to address, Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) IC Module provides a comprehensive solution to handle all of these aspects.

Use Case to Articulate the Benefits

Let's take an example of Sales Organization generating a revenue of 50 million dollars annually, with an average of 5 %( 2.5 million dollars) estimated towards the incentives payout/cost over the year.

Considering the below Key Performance Indictor's (KPI)  to evaluate the Return on Investment / Net benefit by automating via OSC IC.


So the overall monetary gain amounts to approximately 1 million dollars. Apart from these tangible benefits, there are other non-tangible gains like maintaining a high sales morale, retaining and rewarding top performers.

End to End Incentive Compensation via OSC IC

Design & communicate incentive programs that align with corporate strategy.

Measure attainment against sales targets / goals.

Reward sales behavior.

Analyze the sales / incentive payout numbers.  



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