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Part 2: The Taleo- LinkedIn partnership


In the previous post, we established the importance of Taleo as a strong player in the applicant tracking system (ATS) space, while also narrating a few glitches from the user perspective. This post explores the story of LinkedIn, and how the partnership has the potential of ushering in a stronger Taleo while benefitting LinkedIn as well.

An announcement by LinkedIn at the Taleo World Conference that evinced much happiness amongst the fans was the integration which allowed employees to apply for jobs on Taleo ATS system using LinkedIn profile. Some of these are being described below:

  1. Access to candidate's LinkedIn profile from within the Taleo system: Recruiters may source suitable candidates based on the LinkedIn profiles by directly drawing that information by accessing the profiles while within the Taleo systems.  This means that they have access to a plethora of information from the candidate's interest and publications to recommendations and updated contacts and skills. A very useful feature, it allows the recruiter to save a lot of time in double checking and toggling between the LinkedIn profile and the candidate selection page.


  2. LinkedIn profile upload: This feature is a life saver for candidates and saves them a lot of exasperation they otherwise face while filling out forms which are lengthy , as it allows one to directly upload data into the Taleo form using just information from your LinkedIn profile. candidates will be able to fill forms on Taleo by importing data from linkedin on a click of a button. This also helps in improving accuracy as far as the contact information is concerned. These auto filled data can then be edited by the candidate at will, thus saving loads of time, while maintaining accuracy in data.

3. Referral service: LinkedIn announced a new feature called Referrals during their TalentConnect 2015. It allows recruiters to solicit referrals from company employees.The tool intelligentlycaptures connections from employees network and allows them to forward jobs within their network seemlessly. This feature allows all recruiters like Taleo, Kenexa, Workday, and Lumesse to turn on this feature and use it from their respective job sites.

Although it is a feature that might not be requested for by the client upfront, This certainly looks like a place where some empathy can be shown to the recruiter's tough jobs, and employ design thinking and suggest these features and deliver them as required.





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