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Oracle CPQ Cloud for Telecom Industry Vertical

In saturated western markets, upselling or cross-selling generates more revenue than simply selling for telecom companies. So, it is no surprise that telecom companies are heavily hooked on asset-based ordering. Companies, not only in retail business but also in wholesale business, need to know the current subscriptions of customers to upsell or cross-sell new products to their existing customers. Hence, the new configure price quote software (CPQ) features will surely interest the telecom companies which are looking for cloud solutions. 

CPQ has come up with subscription ordering which has features like create, update, terminate, and delete the asset i.e. asset-based ordering (ABO) with moving average convergence divergence (MACD) capability. CPQ is also offering projected asset and follow-on order features. As CPQ will hold the asset details, there won't be any need to query other systems to get them. Sales user can see the current active assets of the customer on a new page called 'Customer Asset'. This page will show only those assets which are active in the given window. For Example, if a customer has subscribed for 'Friends & Family Calling Pack' from the month of December, then that pack will not be visible in customer assets in April.

Like any other customer experience (CX) system, CPQ will create a new asset when order fulfillment system sends the success response on the quote transaction line. If customer wants to modify their services, then sales user will select the required asset on the 'Customer Asset' page and modify. Modify action opens up a configuration window, which gives sales user an option to do some upselling or cross-selling while doing the modifications requested by the customer. If the customer changes his mind before the new modify order is fulfilled and calls back to change the order, then sales user can reconfigure the existing inflight quote. This will create a follow-on order in which CPQ compares the projected asset with a reconfigure order line to reflect the user-intended net changes in a subscription or asset. Sales user can terminate the asset from 'Customer Asset' page if requested by the customer, or requested by billing system if customer is not paying bills.

Let's say, for instance, John has moved to a new town and calls TownBest Telecom to avail phone, broadband, and television services. TownBest agent will configure the quote as per John's requirements and send it to the fulfillment system. John's service assets will be visible on 'Customer Asset' page in CPQ when the fulfillment system activates all the services. In the summer, John wants to see his favorite football league, so he calls up the TownBest call center to add Sports pack in his subscription. TownBest agent modifies John's subscription plan from the 'Customer Asset' page in CPQ and submits the quote for fulfillment. While doing so, the agent has successfully cross-sold 'Music Pack'. Before the new packs get activated, John calls back the TownBest agent to add Movie pack. The TownBest agent reconfigures the current inflight quote. As per the projected assets, CPQ will show Sports pack and Music pack in the new quote as getting fulfilled. In the future, John can terminate his subscriptions if he is moving out of town, or TownBest can terminate John's subscriptions if he is not paying his bills. In both the scenarios, TownBest agent just needs to go to the 'Customer Asset' page in CPQ and initiate terminate action.

CPQ subscription order feature is satisfying most of the things which telecom companies look for in a quoting tool. This feature will be a good selling point for CPQ in the telecom domain.

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