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Its Growing Together with PBCS/EPBCS..."Houston, we've had a problem!"

Almost there but not yet, to, Yes : To-Go!!  What is takes to make that final conclusive step, the differentiator and compounder of benefits with a journey filled with gliding warm handshakes with Oracle to nurture the capabilities inclusive of automation and Data Seeding via FDMEE for a PBCS/EPBCS Working Solution.


PBCS , it was and now the buzz word is EPBCS for the world of Planning and Budgeting in Cloud. With all the 4 modules well intergratable and abundance of OOTB, it was a challenging cake walk for Implementation partners like us to get to their product delivery with all the decision making during the tenure : " Should I customize it now- wait for the next patch and then enable the configuration - will the eta be aligned. Not almost like going riding at Sunshine Ranch, but like the choice a girl makes to jump into an arranged marriage or get to know the to-be spouse before tying the knot! Ah Ah...funny as the analogy sounds , shades are so similar with the how much you know about him, how much that you know will come in the package, how much will sustain, how much will be useful and how much will always get flagged as "product limitation" or "husband material". :)


Problems, hurdles, hiccups,show stoppers..nothing should be a reason as to why it is not happening in Cloud. Ask, you will get it and this is the success Mantra...Wherever you are stuck, be it not functioning as expected, need as additional functionality/feature/command or even a Menu, just Ask, just Report your problem to the land base . Trust me Oracle Gives, Generously. You just have to Ask! (off the record, nicely first, desperately next, Crying on a dying situation as last :) ) I see your smiles and exclamatory eyebrows as to on what authority or on what basis or on why should they? The Cloud EPBCS is customer oriented, totally committed to customer needs and if the ask is simple it takes an average of of 2 weeks and you get it. For any medium/major asks, it flows into the road map ahead. Cloud EPM is destined to grow as customer needs grow and they are aware of it. With the blend of OOTB, it will easily succumb to- 'Oh- Non -configurable, couldn't tweak to MY needs' ..Wouldn't it be a useless meal for me, if it ain't giving what nutrient i want, however rich it can be in ingredients, cooking methods and presentations!! Oracle understands this pretty well and the safe game with "safe harbors statements" but still impressing with what they have in the future!!


And now, i need to give supporting details to buy your confidence and i stand obliged for that.

Here you go...The major quick-win aspect of Cloud migration was the direct conversion of calculation scripts from On-premise to Business Rules on EPBCS. One famous vendor ( should i also name them???) had written a much viewed article on which of the commands that are not supported and funny that they even could find a reason as to why you aren't getting it in the EPBCS world. Then the story line takes a interesting turn when my team at Infosys just teaches Oracle SME's that serve the Oracle SR counter asking for why not get this to EPBCS. At first the starter served was an alternative set of commands that would also get the same results. But then why settle? Again it goes like. Why not that same command, I am not going to browse thru all the line of codes in my on premise and execute a replace with another bunch of commands and the same command i am referring here is the SUMRANGE function! MY favorite smarty and he made my world so easy and i couldn't resist getting him back!!


Check out our new approach to even daringly quote that EPM Automate is not going to get a End to end automation if it is not looking at serving me a command to even shuttle files among local and Cloud file systems.(You Got it!! Over exaggerated statement indeed! Am i going to get fired for this??) Fair enough was the over the counter response too, as to why is it needed, EPM Automate still does have commands to load straight from Local. But then, Oh sweetie, any one that has worked a little intensively on on-premise FDM would have seen the difference of the load speed from blink of the eye if its inbox vs the totally multitasking prone file import from any local machine. Totally non-compromisable me vs la-la land prone SME, and guess who won? in the next week patch upgrade to PBCS Cloud comes in the new commands for EPM Automate!!


Alas, Houston! We made It! ( Make it?) Indeed!

See you Soon!



Nice one, Prathiba

Good one Prathiba

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