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Oracle Service Cloud - One Product for Multiple Service Needs in Multiple Industries

'The world is becoming smaller' is the catch phrase which I get to hear nowadays pretty often. What does it mean? Of course, the world has not shrunk but the communication channels have expanded in their mode and reach thereby bringing people together and closer to give them a feel that no matter where you are, smart channels of communication will keep you connected to your family, work and needed SERVICES. In line with this boom in communication channels the expectations from the Customer Service industry has increased manifolds with the connected customer demanding service ANYWHERE and on ANY CHANNEL.

With customer service being an indispensable element of any and every industry, be it Retail, Manufacturing, Certification Service, Education or Utilities, it has become increasingly central for organizations to embrace this change in customer expectation or rather the success MANTRA of 'Connected Service'. With Oracle's SaaS based service product Oracle Service Cloud, the espousal of this mantra becomes easier and cheaper. This one product addresses multi fold needs of providing Smart, Connected, Automated and intelligent service EVRYEWHERE, EVERYE TIME and on EVERY DEVICE.

            As most of us would be aware, there are other CRM products available in the market which offer similar service management capabilities but Oracle Service Cloud while caters to all service management functions/ capabilities, is highly extensible and offers seamless integration with downstream systems like Siebel, ERP, SCM etc.

Let us take a look at how Oracle Service Cloud can help transform the customer service experience in different industry verticals with its breadth of modern service competences:-

  1. Retail - With concepts like Omni channel customer interaction, go social and mobile first being the latest leanings in the retail service sector and the fact that the retail service agents should be equipped with all necessary knowledge to take up the instant queries of the customers on call/ in retail office/ on chat, the retail sector needs a solution which can be the One-Stop-Shop for all these necessities. Oracle Service Cloud offers answers to all these needs with

    1. Omni channel solution to capture queries, new purchase request, feedback and complaints coming in from channels like - Contact telephony, Email, Fax, Social, self- service thereby helping cover all possible customer touch points for effective selling and servicing.

    2. Enhanced social capabilities like - social monitoring which allows agents to monitor and respond to customers sentiments posted on the wall, smart sense feature to detect the manner of the posts and accordingly take the required action, social knowledge features wherein customers share ideas/answers, rate the content of the knowledgebase on social channels.

    3. Mobile experience. Oracle Service Cloud's self- service portal is a fully device and browser agnostic portal which can be accessed on any smart phone. With its responsive design, it caters to all the on-the-go needs of a customer like - initiating a new request, updating the old request, initiating a chat with the available agent, accessing the organization's knowledgebase for self- resolution of queries, providing a feedback for the closed requests etc.

An illustration of a retail specific use case is as shown below

  1. Education - In line with the era of smart ecosystem, this industry is also now moving from paper based education system to BYOD/ Online form of education where the student services are being modernized with solutions which can give instant query resolution, offer a summary of the assessments, help students collaborate and chat with the teacher forum, as the need be. Oracle Service Cloud helps enhance this online experience with  

    1. A branded self- service portal for students to browse through the available courses, FAQs for admission process/ key dates, ability to initiate an online enquiry, Collaborate with peers/ seniors for interactive discussions, initiate a chat with the Teacher forum and much more. Apart from these, Oracle Service Cloud self- service portal allows to create many more widgets providing different information pieces like Academic Summary, Fees Summary, Upcoming events etc.

    2. A profile based access to the agent desktop for the institution admins/ teachers to use for resolving the student queries, creating new knowledge content - course information, fees information etc., help the students with their chat requests, collaborate amongst peers with community feature. Apart from these features, even the Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop could be used for monitoring various student discussions in social channels and effectively responding to them.  

  2. Manufacturing / Hi- Tech - Based on my experience, 2 of the factors which could greatly impact this industry could be (i) Internet of Things (IoT) (ii) Workforce Management. With largely on- the field asset set-up, automation of fault finding, service tracking and automation of field events could possibly have a positive impact on the revenue viz- a- viz customer satisfaction. The image below shows an indicative automation of fault finding process for an industrial manufacturing enterprise.


    Oracle Service Cloud shines in this sector too especially with its FIELD SERVICE arm -

    1. Oracle Service Cloud integrated with IoT platform (thanks to its robust Connect REST APIs which could help connect to literally any and every application) can help automate the entire process of fault finding by capturing the asset anomaly as an Incident and a Field Activity, transferring the activity to Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) for effective routing to available technician with the technician receiving Smart Assistance on his handheld to service the activity followed by successful closure of the Activity viz- a- viz Incident.

    2. Oracle Field Service Cloud helps automate the entire field service cycles from

      1. Capacity management for defined jobs

      2. Effective routing of the in- hand job

      3. Mobile solution for technicians

      4. Real time management of field jobs by Supervisors/ Dispatchers

      5. Location tracking of Technicians

      6. On the field collaboration for smarter movement of jobs/ inventory

      7. Real time communication to customers for updates to planned jobs

As we see, it's one product with multiple benefits for each industry. Be it customer service or field service or knowledge management, this one product caters to most of modern service requirements thereby helping organizations bask in the 'Wow state of their end customers'. For more details on service solution specific to these industries please contact

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