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Customer 360 - is it so hard to achieve?

Customer 360 is a very old buzzword. In most of our transformation programs, one of the business objectives is to achieve C360. Given that C360 was one of the selling points for CRM, one would assume that this objective was met when most enterprises implemented their initial CRM solutions.  That, however, does not seem to be the case.

Let us look at an example of a fragmented customer experience due to missing C360. I have been a loyal customer of Telco X(name intentionally masked) for years. I have their post-paid voice, data plan etc. Yet, I get cold-calls every now and then from a call center of Telco X offering me some plan. They seem to have no context of my existing relationship, the products that I currently hold or my usage of their services for effective cross/up-sell. To me, this kind of random cold-calling seems to be a terrible waste of resources. Not to mention the bad customer experience. So why is this Telco unable to create a proper 360 view of my profile and target their messages appropriately?

One of the potential reasons is that the Telco may have fragmented IT solutions. We frequently come across large Telcos that have different solution stacks based on products and/or customer types. (eg: Mobile stack, fixed line stack, enterprise complex product stack etc). This results in various issues as follows:

• Duplicate customers across stacks
• No single source of truth to view a comprehensive customer profile and service details
• Customer care agents have to open multiple systems to answer customer queries/check status/resolve issues

It is normally a very costly and complex proposition for a Telco to transform into a truly 'single' solution stack that manages all types of customers and fulfills all products and services. Given the typical budget constraints, we are suggesting some lighter mechanisms to our clients as follows:

• Work towards a bare-minimum CRM and billing consolidation that allows a C360 without having to transform all the downstream fulfillment processes
• Create a 'Unified agent desktop' type of view with a UI based consolidation across systems using light weight solution options (eg: Infosys AssistEdge) that visually presents a C360 without having to perform actual system integrations.
• Create back-end data aggregation processes (eg: via use of ETL and Data warehouse) to pull and patch data from multiple systems to create a C360 particularly for usage in batch processes such as marketing campaigns.
Given a chance, I would certainly recommend these options to Telco X who seem to be intent on calling me despite having told them multiple times that I already have their services.

Creating a C360 to deliver an improved customer experience need not be an exceedingly costly or difficult affair. It is a matter of identifying the solution that best meets the current business objectives and implementing the same. What do you think?


True Shyamalee.
Same challenge is with Financial Services industry as well. Part of the issue is that cold calling is partly outsourced to third party teams without sharing data for the customers. Integration of third party system (cold call sales) with enterprise application to filter the segmented list could also be planned in such cases

Usually direct selling agents of telecom operators and financial institutions purchase contact lists from courier companies. They then call the people in the list without knowledge of the person's past transactions. In some cases these DSAa are not even appointed by the said companies.

Shyamalee.. Its a good read... inspired me to think on projects where we have implemented -"unified customer dash board",.. "Customer 360 view" "Single Customer View".... Its but reality that we are no where near to bring the real unified view of the customer. I have electricity, gas, hot water from the same company. But cannot see a consolidated bill nor can see my individual usage even though the account is same. The challenge is not technical. Its the intent to look beyond just servicing customers which needs to change.

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