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CX Transformation --- How OBJECTIVE are your Business objectives?


It is not surprising when we see many CX transformations fails to live up to the business case. There are different schools of thoughts on "When" and "Where" things went wrong in the transformation journey (yes - it is not a destination but the journey). Every step counts and even one step in wrong direction can lead to failure.  

I personally feel defining OBJECTIVE business objectives is where better ground work by the organization itself is more critical. Every enterprise wants


To me - highest weightage for CX transformation success has to be given to putting quantifiable and realistic OBJECTIVES than just throwing in some subjective statements. This is where Infosys expertize helps customers in defining quantifiable objectives

  1. Superior performance à collate performance output from existing platform, have performance benchmarks of vanilla instance using click stream of identified CX application, add percentage points for non-negotiable customizations and conclude on Performance numbers (in seconds) for each click stream. This would help in setting realistic and quantifiable performance numbers

  2. Reduced customization à be prudent in pushing back on fancy use cases which were developed to please a specific target audience. Freeze on the use cases and set a percentage of customization that will be the threshold. E.g. 10% on Lead, 15% on Opportunity, 7% on Account etc.


Other 4 business objectives would be covered in Part 2 of the blog


Key to success lies in being OBJECTIVE when defining your Transformation business objectives. Subjectivity in Business Objectives is counter-productive

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