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EPM Cloud Adoption - Way forward for Data Integration


With the CFO's and CIO's of the global organizations showing interest in moving to the cloud applications, Oracle is strategically positioned to help the organizations take this journey from on premise to Cloud with in the EPM space.

There are huge benefits in moving application to cloud such as:

  • Reduction in CAPEX Expenditure especially with procurement of hardware and licenses
  • Less dependency on IT
  • New features automatically available
  • Ease of rollout to external customers, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Simplified application management
  • Mobile compatible
  • Affordable subscription based pricing
  • Robust Data Security 

However, there are challenges faced by organizations to implement EPM solutions on Cloud. These are the typical data integrations scenarios

  • Cloud Source systems to EPM Cloud Applications
  • On Premise Source systems to EPM Could applications
  • File based integrations to EPM Cloud applications

Let us delve more into the data integration challenges in the above scenarios and how Infosys is helping the customers address the same.

Scenario 1: Cloud source systems to EPM Cloud applications

Large global organizations are willing to spend for migrating entire application landscape to cloud owing to the huge benefits which result in high profitability and increased cash flow. Infosys automates entire the data integration process with other cloud financial systems using in-house automation tools.

In the future releases, Oracle is planning to provide direct integrations with other cloud source systems starting with Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud.


Scenario 2: On Premise source systems to EPM Cloud applications

Few organizations having invested heavily over the years in building financial systems used for consolidation, Planning and Statutory & Management reporting. They are tightly integrated with the other source systems for sourcing financial data. Infosys helps these organizations with their EPM cloud journey with lift and shift of EPM application to the cloud. For the data integration process, Infosys provides a seamless solution by leveraging existing FDMEE licenses to integrate the data from on premise corporate finance systems to EPM cloud application. This solution comes along with added benefit of drill through of data from the EPM cloud applications which is crucial from the traceability and audit perspective.



Scenario 3: File based integrations to EPM Cloud applications

Many mid-sized and small scale companies were not in a position to implement EPM solutions earlier owing to high capital expenditure. They typical manage the financial data in multiple spreadsheets which no control on the accuracy of reported numbers. However, these companies are now investing to implement EPM cloud solutions. Infosys automates entire the data integration process with other cloud financial systems using in-house automation tools.

It is very critical to have a robust and scalable data integration strategy to overcome all the challenges in your journey to move EPM applications to Cloud.

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