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How to trigger multiple data load rules in a single click without diving into Batches

Replacing the concept of FDMEE Batches / Scheduling / OpenBatch

In some cases, users are required to trigger multiple data file loads, one after the other, from the same FDMEE location in a single click. The successful POC done to achieve this functionality without leveraging the concept of Batches / Open Batch / Scheduler, utilises the FDMEE event based scripts.

Data Load File1:

Data Load File2:

The above example sets the flag for mentioned account to "999 "and then replaces it by "111" in one go.

There are various events on which we could define the script, however, for the POC, we chose "AftConsolidate" event.

The excerpt from script might look like below:

We all see new opportunities in FDMEE too often be overlooked. The example above show that these customized features can simplify and speed up your work, without much effort or new investments.

Curious about more hidden features, and how they can help you? Please contact me, I'll be happy to share them with you.


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