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UI less BI


Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & Apple Siri have all become house hold names with built-in Artificial Intelligence and huge potential on the home automation segment. These seemingly elegant devices today were wild ideas appearing only in sci-fi movies few years back. Remember the charming C-3PO and his wise companion R2-D2 from Star Wars trotting around the universe, interpreting and even mimicking human conversation to provide assistance - Are we there yet? I'd like to think we almost are with new features and capabilities being added every day to automate through simulated conversation.

Imagine the same concept being extended to Enterprises through GENIE, an intelligent BI Assistant (just like the genie of Aladdin who works wonders on the command of his master). Wouldn't it be wonderful if you, the Director of Sales (lets dream big :)), had no need to login to the BI system and run your reports (on laptop, Smartphone or tablet). Instead while you are pouring that hot cup of coffee, BI GENIE coupled with AI & Voice systems took care of all of this on your behalf.

Hello GENIE! What was yesterday's total sales?

            GENIE responds by providing yesterday's total sales figure

OK GENIE! Give me the variance between the Forecast and actuals Sales realized?

            GENIE responds with the details and provides the details of regions/categories where the variance is beyond the threshold

OK GENIE! Send alert with detailed report to the Zonal Managers where the variance is >25%.

            GENIE sends the alert and provides confirmation

An intelligent Assistant like GENIE will provide simplicity in accessing BI reports, especially in a fast-paced world today where we are always looking for answers as quickly as possible. Gone are the days of having to wait for the 8 AM scheduled reports. With data being available at real-time/near real-time wouldn't it be fascinating to have the means to interpret this data as soon as it is available and conveniently as well through GENIE?

These are some tit-bits on how BI GENIE can be embedded in our daily life to keep us at ease and work as a huge effort and time saver for seemingly mundane tasks. This saved time and effort could be further channeled into far more productive activities. 

Of course building these systems are not without challenges especially when it comes to Security and integrating this with Voice recognition systems and making GENIE more context aware by using Natural Language Processing. But nevertheless this is an effort worth taking as the world is gradually leaning towards "UI less" systems or "Touch less" systems or "Conversational" systems.

Welcome to the future of BI! Stay tuned for more updates and progress on GENIE!

Let me know what your thoughts are and provide your valuable feedback/suggestions/comments


Good One Saravana, and good to hear about the GENIE which moves to UI less approach...looking forward for more!!!

Something like Jarvis from FB founder Mark Zuckerberg. Truly a wonderful thought Saravana. Next Gen AI-BI - GENIE.

Yes Chakri something similar to Jarvis of MZ. Thanks for your comment

Thanks Rajeev..

Wonderful..!! I was thinking on similar lines few days back and it is already a reality.. Can you please share more info on the GENIE ?

Excellent Thought Provoking and Futuristic Approach where value of data is embraced in wide variety of formats

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