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Empower with Hyperion on Mobile

Mobiles and tablets have transformed today's world, enabling access to information and fast decision making by a mere touch. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management made entry in mobile space with release providing access to Hyperion application through handheld devices (Mobiles & Tablets). Access to Hyperion on mobile devices can be broadly categorized in two ways -

  1. A dedicated app on Android & iOS platform for enabling on the go reviews, approvals and workflow.
  2. Browser access through URL for Hyperion Planning artifacts (post configuring Tablet access in workspace) and Hyperion Financial reports.
Let us first talk about EPM mobile app -

EPM Mobile App

Installing app on your mobile or tablet is pretty much straightforward, visit App Store or Play store and download the app (talking about fast changing world, App is not compatible with latest iOS 10 & Android 7 yet ,but that is a story for another day).

Primary usage of this app is to enable on-the-fly reviews and approvals for -

·   Oracle Hyperion Planning
·   Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud System
·   Close Manager
·   Oracle Data Relationship Governance
·   Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
·   Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision

After installation, open the app and options are available for -

  • Configure Connection - Enter Details for connection URL and credentials.
  • Product Tour has demo to familiarize with interface. After clicking product Tour, it shows all available applications for different Hyperion products - Hyperion Planning, HFM, Tax Provisioning, Data relationship Governance & Financial Close Management.

Hyperion Planning

Select Scenario and Version for which workflow has to be reviewed.  There is also an option to filter by Status (Not Signed Off, Under Review etc. )


Select the Scenario, Version , Entity combination to view History and Promotional path details for Planning Unit


Click on Actions button to appropriate Action to move planning unit in Promotional path.        


Select HFM application from List of available applications. Promotion units are displayed for Scenario, Year Period combination. Promotion Units are grouped by Phase & Review Level. Filters are available to select appropriate Promotion units form Scenario, Year, Period, Phase, Review Level. Pass /Fail Staus and History can be viewed .  

Financial Close Management

Close Manager displays all the available close tasks, after Opening due task, take action to Approve or Reject task.  

Data Relationship Governance

Data relationship governance was not part of the first release of EPM Mobile application. It has been updated with latest release. All available requests in DRG application Requests can be seen, after selecting an item , click on Action button to take a decision on the request .



Browser Access

Before accessing application in tablet, Tablet access needs to be enabled in workspace after logging through a Desktop/laptop. Go to Administration > Manage > Tablet Access.

Select artifacts from list Forms, Task List and Rule which should be enabled for Tab access. (Keep in mind that display of Forms might vary as per the resolution properties and screen size of tablet)

From browser of tablet, access Planning URL http(s)://server:19000/HyperionPlanning .Enter Credentials. You can see the forms, Task lists and rules





Task Lists


Business Rules



While accessing reports from icon available , only Report Snapshots can be accessed. For Accessing Financial reports visit URL  http://server:19000/hr/mobile/HRMobileLogon.jsp  .  Enter Credentials ,after successful login, Folder structure for reports can be accessed

A sample report viewed on Tablet


  1. Refer Mobile Certification Tab for Compatibility details in Oracle EPM Compatibility matrix.
  2. Depending upon deployment, VPN might be required to connect to the application.


I want to configure my drm(DRG) application, which i have installed in my personal application.

Can you please help me on this.

Thank you it's helpful
Great work

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