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Cloud based BSS adoption: The most common scenarios

Telcos are gradually adopting cloud based solutions for their BSS capabilities. This adoption has been slower than anticipated due to various concerns and constraints. 74% of the operators surveyed by TM Forum had less than 10% of their BSS on the cloud (Source: TM Forum, 2017). However, there are certain use cases which lend themselves easily to cloud adoption. In this blog, I would like to explore how cloud can enable these use cases, with minimal disruption to the existing Telco landscape

Use Case 1: Launching a new LOB
Let us take the case of a Telco that wants to launch IoT based offerings eg: Smartgrid solutions, device monitoring, connected vehicles etc. In terms of the sales and fulfillment processes, these products are significantly different from what the Telco currently offers and has no particular synergies based on existing legacy stack. The Telco can spin off a cloud based BSS stack to cater to this LOB.

Use Case 2: Addressing a new customer segment
Let us take the example of a consumer focused MVNO that now wants to launch B2B services such as Unified Communications. From a sales, service and billing standpoint, these services will follow different processes as compared to consumer mobile products. They also target a different customer segment. So there is no need to share customer information with the existing stack. This is also an ideal candidate for a new stack based solution.

Use Case 3: Cloud based service delivery 
Let us take the example of a Telco that is offering music, videos, games based on their partner/3rd party content. In all likelihood, the partner offers these services via a cloud based solution. To offer seamless experience, they would expect the Telco to do likewise. They would also expect a digital consumer experience: eg: activation of the service using social media credentials. Since the Telco here acts as a front end to sell and bill the services while the delivery is managed by the 3rd party, the limited processing needed can be easily achieved via a cloud based stack.

Use Case 4: Launching 'light' services
Let us take the example of a Telco that wants to offer a 'stripped down' version of a service targeted towards a specific market segment such as the millennials. The support systems for this service can be 'online only', which suits the market segment and helps reduce the costs to deliver the service. Such services may even have their own branding to distinguish them from the parent brand. These type of services are also a candidate delivery via a cloud based BSS solution.

There are certain advantages that come with using a cloud based BSS stack, assuming it fits the need of the LOB/customer segment/product and/or service that the Telco wants to launch. These are as follows:
• Rapid go-to market instead of relying on long IT cycles to spin out solutions based on the traditional stack
• Ease of mapping the IT costs and benefits based on the new cloud stack with minimal impacts to existing legacy solutions.
• Access to alternate commercial models - SaaS or managed services based pricing rather than large upfront capex investments. This allows flexibility to innovate and experiment for new services.
• Ease of enabling a digital experience for the end customers due to the cloud based support systems. This can have a direct impact on the Net Promoter Score(NPS)

There is, of course, a need to do due diligence before choosing a cloud based BSS. This validation needs to cover both the functional and non-functional requirements to ensure that the chosen solution is the right fit. However, in general, the use cases identified above can be used as a pilot or the first step towards a cloud based BSS adoption.

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