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EPBCS Family Welcomes Strategic Modelling and many more!

Pink....Pink...& Pink..It is a Girl!! Welcome the new baby into the EPBCS Family - Strategic Modelling!

Date Of Birth - June 2017, 16th

June was a month of galore, happiness and fun for the EPBCS Family! Indeed! Be it from the longest list of Issue and bug fixes, up until the Brand new framework of Strategic Modelling, EPBCS is growing, grooming and gaining confidence. What first caught my eyes was it was always "Lite","Standard" and "Enterprise" and you can choose your application type as one of the above and was upgradable. Now I see a "Reporting","Standard","Enterprise". I am yet to try if Reporting is a direct replacement of Lite and whether it can be later turned on to Enterprise ( I am assuming it will be) but will action and confirm, to let it talk more.. J

Let's look at the variety of items that came in with this June patch under different categorization:

1.       New features - Strategy Modelling Framework - The cloud version of Hyperion Strategic Finance.

2.       Enhanced features -

a.        Business Rules gets groovy - Developers win-win Business rules that had all the limitation around type of operation that it can house. Long gone is the custom that Business rules are meant for standard Aggregation or custom calculation. The style that groovy sets in is like making the user use the tool in don't care mode or giving the user more leeway and stretched comfort zone. Lovers of groovy, here is your most exotic dish. Business Rules can now be made to do functions like in letting the user submit data only within a range or whatever sanity check you want to do and it all depends on how good a groovy programmer you are!

b.       Charts got upskilled with this new "Combination Charts". Standard charts with bars are old not gold though! Now you get to make row "a" into bars and row "b" into lines, so you can compare two data over a period of time. Like what the average sales for Store A and Store B over the two years in the same chart now! J

3.       Recuperated features -

a.       "Enable features" for all 5 frameworks will not hurt you anymore if you are doing any admin work. So if you are in the process of enabling new features or editing features or even letting go of already enabled features, EPBCS will now check if the last admin activity on the application is indeed completed and database refreshed! Can't thank enough, there is never going to be any bummer surprises and no more Missing case filed!!

b.       Another feature that fixed was the "Data Push" usages. When we intend to push data to the reporting cube it was like taking your hand round your head to touch the nose. You go the data clear option, instruct for a clear data, then get back to the data movement and instruct a push data. With the June patch, it's not a 2 step process anymore. You click on the push data command it got sensible enough to first clear it and then move the data from source cube to reporting cube! Oh yeah of course a small pop-up comes out to see if you are doing what you really intend to do!

4.       Impressive features -

Opening a Google chrome window from SmartView. Yes, you correctly read and so feel free to believe. These two guys have become best buds now. How you used to launch Smart view from web service, now you can launch Google Chrome from Smart view and enter the web service. This deserves a WOW!..Hold on not until you see what's coming next. How about executing all administrator activities from Smart view? By editing worksheets within the application template workbook, you define application properties, dimension and member properties, load data, manipulate security,access permissions, and substitution variables. Well, well..well...You can even create, edit, and delete application, of course with service administrator privileges.

5.       Integrations -

Oracle Net suite and in Workforce module FDMEE integration directly with HCM! It just struck me that there is more on this area than this blog can hold so lots will be there in my next ones to follow!

6.       Whiners - 


a.       Application design guidelines that help you with information of whether it suits your requirements...Honey you are not there yet!

b.       Cannot upload *.bat to EPBCS anymore L..It has to be standard files extensions and no more *.exe,*.bat for *.sh to the service. Spamming or Hacking or Virus..Someone has threatened our guy but not anymore. Additional security! Now I have to transform files to standard extensions and then use. Can live with it and sure worth it but will whine!

c.       Planner Role is not able to access Financial Reporting folders and reports. There has been a security upgrade for FR which has led to this.

7.       Miscellaneous fixes and Thank You for that! -

a.       Exporting Financial Reports to Excel works!

b.       Application settings can be saved from Navigation Menu!

c.       Grid POV now does show up in Financial report!

d.       Move a form around in a dashboard, the rows appear correctly!

e.       Create a new BSO cube and all dimensions get enabled without errors!

f.        SmartPush = Data Maps.Clear&Push!

g.       Once you click save in a form, the cursor still remain in the same cell!

h.       Dynamic report can be exported to Excel..finally!!

       Now getting to where we started, celebrating the new member into the EPBCS Family- Strategic Modelling, will store it for a while as you keep waiting for my next write-up! J

I won't take long..I promise! Happy Reading and Happy Waiting as EPBCS fever is everywhere and giving a tough competition to Nolanism! J



Good one Prithiba Dhinakaran...keep writing and we will be waiting for the next...appreciate your spirit of writing blogs!!!

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