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FDM Rebranding : How to cope up

As we are all aware, that ERPi has been rebranded as FDMEE in release.

First question prior to migrating from FDM to FDMEE would be, if you are looking to keep FDM Classic in place or just move to FDMEE for data loading? FDM (Classic) and FDMEE can be made to run in parallel and the customer's license allows for this situation, but only in version

As far as version is concerned, there is no classic FDM at all. However, there is a utility provided by Oracle for the supposed conversion in the version

The supported releases for performing migration through the utility would be version 11.1.1.x & 11.1.2.x. The versions which are not supported at all include ERPI-FDM &

The target version supported is or higher.

Prior to kick off the migration, we must confirm that FDM (Source) is a perfectly running environment, ODI Studio - properly configured, and FDMEE (Target) should exist as well.

·        Working source FDM Application Database

·        Working FDMEE target environment

·        ODI studio Installed & Configured


Migrated Artefacts:

1.      Target Application Details

2.      Source System

3.      Import Formats

4.      Locations

5.      Period Mappings, Category Mappings & Logic Groups

6.      Data Load Mappings

7.      Data Load Rule & Workbench Data



Artefacts which are not migrated are as below: 

·        Security definition for task level & object level

·        Log files

·        Archive files & information

·       Import Files (defined in source)

·        Scripts:

VB scripts are still supported for event and custom scripts if FDMEE is installed on a windows server.  There are a few differences in the VB APIs, but most VB APIs and methods are still available.  If you move your scripts from VB to Jython, you will need to rewrite them in Jython.

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