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Strategic HR Organisation : The Way forward

Further to what we saw in  previous post1 and post2,  HR organization should be involved from the strategy planning phase onwards to identifying the KPI that adds values to the business
agreed upon by key stakeholders to be measured, provide freedom to modify the
HR policies in line with market needs and growing business needs, work on
digital dexterity innovations and track the returns out of such initiatives,
define the governance model and identify the HR score card that organization
wants to focus on, strategize and improve on the analytics and the data quality
that is fed in, work towards reduction of operational efforts and identify
really value adding measures that should be the focus for HR organization,
periodically review the HR strategy and align with market and business needs
will surely lead the HR organization to be recognized as a key contributor and
profit adding unit critical to the enterprise. 






                The HCM ERP product giants like Oracle and SAP are working towards integrating the
analytics and digital capability of their products in line with market trends
and growing business demands. It is  must
for the product developers to integrate options to plan HR strategy within the
Human Capital Management product, measure its effectiveness with new KPI
calculations, help to generate useful balance score cards and HR score card,
align the workforce goals to be profitable and help to measure them
effectively, identify proactively competency and skill gaps as the markets
evolve and help HR organization's   to
adjust to the dynamic needs, help automate HR operations proactively and bridge
gap between the end customer needs.


                Many technology oriented enterprises like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are focusing on
the front lines of HR innovation, largely because of the growing need for
specialized talent in technology innovations.  They have rightly identified human capital as
their key asset and right talent is in short supply while the competitors are
eager to lure talented high performers away. Even financial services and
corporate audit firms are innovating and banking on HR functions expertise to
predict and prevent unethical behavior so that the customer interests are safe
guarded. Innovative strategies to improve on human capital assets is the way
forward for any enterprise to embark on growth journey.
























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