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Simplified Interface - Life made simple for Hyperion Planning

·   Can we add Company Logo?

·   Can we change color theme?

·   Our management wants to access EPM application on Tablets, how can we do it?

·   How can we make scheduling jobs easier?

As a Hyperion planning Consultant these used to be a common queries from clients, and for all above queries there was a workaround (not simple at times), but with release of EPM an alternative to vanilla user interface was made available - Simplified Interface for Hyperion Planning. Its focus was to enable applications access on Tablets.

It provided an appealing user interface for administrators to create and manage an application, and for planners to budget, analyze and review. Icon based UI makes working with Hyperion planning much easier. It was also a glimpse of changing User Interface for Oracle EPM Hyperion suite from On Premise to Cloud.


Simplified interface provides -

·   A better look & feel

·   Options to customize the interface (logo, theme, watermark), formatting on data forms.

·   Enhanced performance when navigating forms and entering data, now it uses client-side scripting technologies in the simplified interface.

·   Flexibility to add Company logo on Home page & option to add watermark background.

·   Better Job scheduling options

·   Create Dashboards which include forms, charts, external link and commentary.

·   Tablet friendly.   


Enable Simplified Interface

Simplified administration has to be initialized from planning administration.

For a new application, there are three options available for creating applications

1. Sample - Vision application is created with artifacts and data.
2. Simple - Custom application with 1 Plan Type, allows MDX member formulas only.There is no provision for business  rules, map reporting, copy data, copy version, exchange rates, or currency conversion. This is useful for creating a simple application and can always be converted to an advanced application while scaling up.
3. Advanced - Member Formulas and Business rules can be created, it cannot be transformed into a simple application.

After application creation , logging to Hyperion Planning application a new layout is visible



Provides a bird eye view of the application. Click on 'Overview' tab, and you can see total number of Tasks, Plans, Rules, and Approval Hierarchies.


Customize Appearance

Changing colors, adding logos in earlier versions required modifying EAR files, WAR files then redeploy Planning. With simplified interface it is much easier.For adding Logo, enter image URL in Logo URL field. For adding watermark, enter image URL in Theme URL field.  Few of the theme options available are as follows -       


Data Form Formatting

 A simple data form gives flexibility to perform data, Ad hoc and formatting tasks. These three groups are visible on Data form as tabs.                             

·  Data Tasks - Tasks like Cut, copy, paste Clear Data,adjust, Spread, adding supporting details, filtering data are available.

·  Ad Hoc Tasks - For ad hoc analysis on a form Zoom In/Out, Keep Remove, Move, Pivot tasks are present.

·  Format tab -  Font size color can be customized for the data form.  



Customized dashboards can be created to review data and analyze. Forms, Charts, URL's and commentary can be added while creating a Dashboard. For charts on Dashboard properties like Chart Type (Line, Bar , Pie Area , Scatter , Bubble Etc. ), Legend/Label Position , Axis properties can be customized .Web URL can be added on Dashboard .There is a section of adding comments also.  A sample dashboard


Job Scheduling

Scheduling jobs becomes easier, and gives flexibility to schedule following tasks -

  • Import Metadata
  • Import Data
  • Export Metadata
  • Export Data
  • Refresh Database
  • Plan Type Map

Exporting data gives options to select target location, file type, Dimensions in Row/Column and POV. Export Metadata - Here a single dimension or all dimensions can be exported to a location of choice, and job can be saved for scheduling as well. While Scheduling jobs, Start Date, Time Zone, recurring pattern and End Date can be selected.


Things to keep in mind while using Simplified interface -

  • Only Classic application can be created using Simplified Interface.
  • Few admin features are available only in desktop mode
  • For tablets only landscape mode works.
  • User experience on ipads is better compared to android tablets.
  • For Ipad use Safari, Chrome for android - as recommended by Oracle
  • Simplified Interface can be accessed through following URL ( http(s)://<planning server>:<port>/HyperionPlanning   and http(s)://<webserver>:<port>/HyperionPlanning  )

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