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Is SKYNET a reality in near future?


As I was reading through one of the recent incident that Facebook reported that it had to unplug its AI Robots because the AI Robots have created their own language to talk to each other. This reminded me of the "SKYNET" concept in the Terminator movie series.

For those of you who missed the Terminator movie series, "SKYNET" is an AI system which controls all the Robots plugged into its network. It thinks that humans are imperfect due to their emotions and may destroy SKYNET hence SKYNET comes to a logical conclusion that it has to destroy the entire human race. "Scary?" Yes, but I think we are not there yet.

Although the thought of SKYNET trying to destroy human life is scary but the thing that was fascinating was that it could think and come to conclusions. In my view this might become reality at some point in future. Currently, we are still at a very nascent stages of deep learning. Deep learning community is facing with several challenges like availability of skilled people, access to resources, expensive resources etc.

As we are seeing more drive towards Innovation and AI, I am hopeful to see some part of SKYNET ("Not the scary part") becoming a reality. One such innovation being driverless cars which can understand the traffic situations and can prevent clogging up roads.

Drones is another fascinating innovation when clubbed with AI can be used for several purposes. One such use case is delivering packages. AI part comes from the scanning of package and understanding the contents to distinguish between hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

Similarly at some point in time, businesses can react to futuristic situations by analyzing data. IBM Watson© is a real world example of how an AI system can help in solving most difficult problems when provided with data which humans may not be able to solve in their lifetime. Medical field is where in my view has a significant use for AI and Deep Learning.

Thoughts are welcome!

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