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Parameter considerations for BI Architecture

In our journey to implement OBIEE for a banking client , we had a business need to integrate existing OBIEE and the new CRM OBIEE instances which made us revisit the architecture to arrive on optimal solution.

Existing BI server on OBIEE had 300+ Financial analytical reports and client wants to implement Customer Relationship Management reports on top of the existing infrastructure.

Project Team considered following Parameters and Solution options for the discussions.


X - Weightage based on client context. Can't be same for all programs.

Option A: Additional Standalone BI Server with existing BI server

Option B:  Reuse Existing BI Server

Voila!!  Team has agreed on the solution for CRM implementation, it was no brainer for everyone after the statistics were published. 

Solution options differ for each of the client and final decision can be different for the same challenge based on weightages driving clients requirement..



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