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Weblogic Password Re-set or Informatica Connect String change, we have a solution for you!!!


Would like to address two situations related to OBI Applications administration, of which one is related to weblogic Security and another related to DB connectivity of Informatica Server (Services).

1. Did you forgot your weblogic Administrative account/ Super User credentials?

In some of the general situations of a project we encounter some issues where we end up with no credentials or wrong credentials of some accounts or schemas. What if, the problem is related to Weblogic user (Here I refer weblogic as the AdminServer user / Super User of Weblogic 11g or 12c) ?

Some of the scenarios:

  • Improper KT's and handover of systems from other vendors during transfer of project

  • Did not maintain a proper record of passwords and result in no password or wrong password.

  • Least used systems and doesn't have proper tracking of details.

  • During installation we provide one value and we save another value in our records.

In few scenarios stated above, without being left out of no choice we may also end up to do a re-installation of OBIEE or FMW servers as AdminServer user is crucial and key to start and manage the servers. In such cases we can adopt a workaround using which we can re-set the AdminServer user i.e., weblogic password.


  • Backup the OBIEE domain home i.e, $Domain_Home

  • Take a copy of file of AdminServer from the following location $Domain_home/servers/AdminServer/security/ to maintain it as backup file.

    (This will work as a back-out/rollback scenario where the current inputs are working to start the AdminServer but we don't have the physical password for Weblogic/AdminServer User)

Sequence of steps to be followed to re-set weblogic user password:

  1. Shut down the servers( All - Admin and Managed)

  2. Rename/move the data folder of AdminServer i.e., $Domain_home/servers/AdminServer/data


    $Domain_home/servers/AdminServer/data   to $Domain_home/servers/AdminServer/data_old

  3. To source environment variables run

  4. Navigate to $Domain_home/security  and run the following java property to re-set weblogic user password


    java <userid> <New_password> .


    java weblogic password123 .

  5. Update the details in file of AdminServer i.e., $Domain_home/servers/AdminServer/security/

  6. Once servers are triggered to start the hardcode values provided in file will be encrypted. 

  7. Restart the servers.


2. Change in Informatica Database Connection and want to re-install? Re-Think !!!

In few projects, we come across some situations where we may end up in having some changes to DB configuration. Hence it impacts the applications dependent on that database. When it comes to Informatica Powercenter Services (Server), during installation of server we provide database values or provide a connect string to establish connection to database

Some of the scenarios in which Database values be changed:

  • DB hostname or IP is changed

  • Database/service name is changed.

  • You require to change the IP address to hostname in the Informatica DB connection string (assuming IP address of DB was provided during installation).

  • Multiple applications are hosted on a single database and in later point of time, we recognize to reduce load on the db and wish to move applications to separate databases. In such case, moving Informatica server from one database to a new database.

Few of the scenarios state above may end up/plan for re-installation of Informatica Server be hosted on a new database. In order to refrain from heavy work of re-installation we can adopt one workaround using which we can update the db parameter values used in Informatica gateway node connectivity to database.


  • Nodemeta.xml file be backed up before making any changes. Location: <Infa_Home>/isp/config

An infasetup command UpdateGatewayNode be used to change the database connectivity parameters or connect string used. It's usage is illustrated as below:

  1. Shutdown the Informatica Services (domain, gateway node).

  2. Take the backup of nodemeta.xml file which is present in <Infa_Home>/isp/config.

  3. Run the infasetup command UpdateGatewayNode to update the new connect string values of database as follows: (<Infa_home>/server)

    For Oracle Database:

    infasetup.bat UpdateGatewayNode -cs "jdbc:informatica:oracle://<New DB IP or hostname>:<port number>;ServiceName=<New Service_Name>"

     For DB2 database:

    infasetup.bat UPdateGatewayNode -cs "jdbc:informatica:db2://<New DB IP or hostname>:<port number>;databasename=<New db_Name>"


    infasetup.bat UPdateGatewayNode -cs "jdbc:informatica:db2://devdb:60004;databasename=dev_db"

  4. Start the Informatica Services and confirm the changed DB details. 


If there is any issue faced during the above stated implementation and services are unable to start, then remove the newly formed Nodemeta.xml and re-store the backed up Nodemeta.xml and restart the services.


Very apt article with detailed steps to manage such practical situation.

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